Why is mobile banking so popular?

    Mobile banking apps have fundamentally changed the way people bank. They are equipped with incredible features that provide greater security and increase the speed of transactions. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobilebankingapp and similar applications offer a seamless, user-friendly interface that caters to your banking needs.

    How is internet banking different from mobile banking?

    Mobile banking is a form of online banking characterised by a bank or a financial institution rendering its services to its customers via a mobile banking app. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobilebanking app, for example, offers consumer banking and online banking services. You can register for mobile banking with IDFC FIRST Bank by downloading the app on your phone.

    Why is mobile banking so popular?

    There are several reasons why mobile banking is popular. We have listed some of these reasons below:

    • It is accessible: Banks have developed apps to help their customers access mobile banking. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobilebanking application is one such app that allows you to access your banking services using just one app.
    • It is secure: Mobile banking is a safe way to make transactions and access banking services. Some mobile banking apps, like the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, also have a fingerprint lock that adds an extra layer of security to your transactions.
    • It is fast: Internet banking was a step up from physically visiting a bank, but it was slow. With mobile banking, customers can instantly open FDs (Fixed Deposits), apply for a personal loan, and deposit money into their account in seconds. Mobile banking, hence, has the edge.
    • No closing hours: A mobile banking app allows you to bank 24*7. It is a considerable advantage, which was also available via internet banking. However, combined with mobile banking’s feature of increased accessibility, this feature is why people opted for mobile banking.

    How secure is online banking through the Mobile Banking App?

    IDFC FIRST Bank assures the utmost security to its customers who opt for consumer banking services through the Banking app. In addition to the security guaranteed by the bank and the second layer of protection provided by the MPIN, you can also opt for an additional layer of security by setting up the ‘fingerprint unlock’ feature. This feature helps you log in to the app through your fingerprint. Here is how you can set it up:

    • Click on the ‘More’ section in the net banking app.
    • Click on ‘Settings’.
    • Under ‘Security’, locate the ‘Fingerprint’ option.
    • Toggle the switch next to ‘Fingerprint’ to enable or disable it.