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    The MT4 platform allows you to trade seamlessly from a tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphone. It is a multifunctional trading platform designed for Forex traders. Click here to know more!

    What is MT4 Trading and its Benefits?

    Is there a trading platform that provides numerous benefits along with an easy and flexible interface? MT4 is the most used interface around the world, including the UAE. Here are the benefits that can bring things into perspective.

    MT4 or metatrader4 is a virtual trading platform that is used globally for trading in,

    • Forex
    • Indices
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Commodities
    • CFDs (Contract for Differences. Similar to option derivatives)

    The global reach and easy access tools make it an investors’ favourite trading platform online. Hence, all the brokers favour the MT4 interface to trade in the above securities.

    Benefits of Trading on MT4

    1)     Real-Time Market Access

    One of the major advantages of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is that the price always matches with stock exchanges. In the detailed view, you can see all the relevant market indicators in real-time including,

    • Market Depth
    • Bid-Ask Spread
    • Contract Size

    2)     Easy User Interface

    MT4 trading provides a highly user-friendly interface. All the features are easily accessible with a single click. You can choose to apply automatic triggers like Stop Loss and Book Profit. Trading reports are available on the go that allows you to track your trading history efficiently. 

    3)     Market Study Tools

    Market securities can be studied through technical and fundamental analysis.

    1. Technical Analysis: The analysis of trend charts and identifying patterns indicating market changes is called technical analysis.
    2. Fundamental Analysis: The study of the intrinsic value of securities by understanding the commercial indicators is called fundamental analysis.

    You can find these analysis tools in the real-time on the MT4 trading platform. The charts are elaborate and use 24 graphical objects, 30 technical indicators and 9 time-frames.

    By studying these, you can build effective short-term and long-term trading strategies. Multiple charts can be opened at once using this interface. This is another major attraction for traders.

    4)     Demo Practice with USD 100,000

    When you make your own MT4 trading account, you get a default demo trading account. An amount of USD 100,000 (may vary as per the investment ratio) is provided in this demo account. You can use this amount to learn the trade in the real-time market view. It allows you to study the market while trading and building a winning investment strategy.

    5)     Copy the Experts

    Many experts build their own trading strategies on the MT4 platform. They are allowed to advertise their strategies and performance. You can choose your favourite expert out of them based on your goals and objectives.

    Your account is then connected to your strategist. The investments of your strategist are replicated on your account. This can help you get potentially good returns without lifting a finger. Your strategist receives a commission for this service.

    At the same time, you do not lose control of your account. You can monitor the performance of your strategist and terminate the connection if it doesn’t suit you.

    If you are new to the markets, then you should learn about it before investing through the trading platform. Be aware of the associated risks and rewards before you make the trade.