Stratton Sclavos: The Experience Seasoned Entrepreneurs Brings to a Company

    A picture of an entrepreneur who was successful helping out companies.

    Companies are always looking for an edge to push them to the next level of success. Whether bringing on new hires or looking for help or motivation from the outside, many CEOs have turned to entrepreneurs like Stratton Sclavos to get some insight.

    What type of help can a successful entrepreneur like Stratton Sclavos bring to a company? Their experience of just starting out to having success, they’ve gone through many ups and downs that most have experienced just yet. Getting that unique insight that can’t be found anywhere else helps tremendously. The qualities listed below that entrepreneurs have also played a role in making a company better.

    Critical Thinking

    The best entrepreneurs have the experience to be outstanding critical thinkers. That means analyzing what’s going on critically and coming up with solutions that work in a timely manner. There are many roadblocks along the way as an entrepreneur, and only the best can survive those problems by getting through everything as quickly as possible.

    Companies face similar issues from time to time. An entrepreneurial mind can take care of a small problem before it becomes something bigger. As time goes on, entrepreneurs become aware of any bias they show and improve each time they have to make a decision. It’s a helpful process that serves many purposes in numerous situations.


    Entrepreneurs thrive thanks in large part to setting and reaching goals. In a situation where an entrepreneur is their own boss, having goals is one of the best ways to motivate. These goals can then be translated to the office or other companies and work in the same way.

    Bringing in an entrepreneur with experience setting goals can get a company on track. Setting attainable goals matters because failing repeatedly does more harm than good. Those who don’t have experience can set goals that lack a specific reason or purpose, which doesn’t inspire employees or anyone else involved with the company.

    Variety of Skills

    The average entrepreneur is someone who has many different skills that they’ve developed over the years. It’s one thing to be innovative and understand one aspect of running a company, but entrepreneurs are usually much more well-rounded because of everything they’ve had to tackle on their own.

    Early days as an entrepreneur are not exactly glamorous. It takes proper skill development every step of the way. Having skills for people to add to the team as a company always comes in handy. Someone has to take control and get certain jobs done; an entrepreneur usually knows the best way to approach things.

    Creating Connections

    No company will find a way to thrive unless they have proper connections within its industry. Connections come in handy every step of the way, ranging from developing partnerships to getting general advice from those like Stratton Sclavos. Entrepreneurs know how to create connections in numerous ways since they’ve been through it on their own.

    It’s one thing to create that initial connection, but maintaining connections is also a skill that is necessary for most involved in the business world. An entrepreneur knows how to stay connected so that when they’re needed, the relationship is still there.

    Handling Adversity

    A picture of an entrepreneur going through some adversity.

    An entrepreneur might talk confidently, but everyone has been through adversity at some time. If the entrepreneur is successful, chances are they’ve been through and handled adversity in a great way. That type of thought process can be very beneficial for a company.

    Adversity tests people in ways they never thought possible. A great entrepreneur can have patience, deal with stress, and learn from challenges and mistakes. Failure never has to be permanent.


    Companies collectively work as a team, but employees need some level of independence to get certain projects done. Entrepreneurs are in charge of all the decisions early on, so getting in that mindset pays huge dividends. Working with an entrepreneur can assure anyone that they know how to be independent.

    Once a person has experience working independently, they will start to gain confidence. The less employers are dependent on others at work, the more productive they can be with specific projects. An employee constantly asking for help from others is only causing distractions for others.

    How Stratton Sclavos and Others Help Companies

    Silicon valley-based entrepreneur Stratton Sclavos is one of many out there who have helped out companies with his knowledge and experience. Stratton Sclavos has worked with numerous companies in his career, bringing a unique perspective to many different industries. His adaptability continues to be a huge calling card for him.

    Companies and fellow entrepreneurs rely on Stratton Sclavos to provide tailored assistance every time. He’s one of the few out there willing to do extensive research on every company and every entrepreneur before working with them. He knows exactly what they are trying to do and helps craft a way to get to the finish line.

    A huge part of successfully running a company comes down to being in the right mindset. There might not be a better way out there than getting help from those who have done it in the past. They can help a person think the right way and not miss out while in the moment.

    Why Entrepreneurial Skills Matter

    As generic as some entrepreneurial skills might be, they are important for a reason. Very few have found success ignoring some of the basic building blocks of running a company. While nothing guarantees success, having quality entrepreneurial skills gives a business idea the best chance possible to succeed.

    That’s why opportunities such as working with Stratton Sclavos exist. Anyone looking for success can always learn from those who have done it in the past. Whether looking back at his time as a stakeholder in Shark Sports and Entertainment, or his current role as a member of the Board of Directors for Terran Orbital, Stratton Sclavos always found ways to put his entrepreneurial skills to work.