MbenzGram (MBGRAM) Presents: 5 Types Of Exhausts Systems

    A picture of an exhaust similar to the ones that MbenzGram (MBGRAM) has on their website

    An exhaust system is used to collect exhaust gasses and carry them away. It’s also responsible for reducing noise levels in a car, improving fuel consumption, and enhancing engine performance. The exhaust system affects the overall performance of a car. 

    An exhaust manifold collects exhaust gasses from the cylinder head connected to the car engine. Although all exhaust systems work the same, there are different types, and they work differently depending on the type of car or engine. This article will discuss five types of exhaust systems, what each of them does, and their pros and cons. 

    Single Exit Pipe

    Single exit pipe is the most common type of exhaust system. Just as the name suggests, it uses a single pipe to carry away exhaust gasses from a vehicle. The tailpipe is located on the passenger side of a car.  One of the advantages of a single exit pipe is that it is lightweight. 

    Moreover, it’s less costly and cheap to manufacture and install. It is readily available and is easier to replace or modify. On the downside, it’s not fuel efficient compared with others. 

    A single exit pipe does not improve car performance. Small cars can work well with single exit pipes.

    Dual Rear Exit

    The dual rear exit exhaust system has two exit points. Its ability to suck out more exhaust gasses at a faster rate makes a car engine breathe better, thus making combustion more complete. This creates more horsepower, which in turn makes the engine more powerful, thus, giving you better car performance. Furthermore, it makes a car look sporty. 

    On the downside, a dual rear exit exhaust system is more expensive than a single exit pipe because it requires an extra pipe. It has a shorter lifespan because some moisture condenses in the exhaust, thus causing it to rust faster. This means that one will need to replace it sooner compared to a single exit pipe. 

    The dual rear exit is characterized by a deep throaty sound. While the deep sound may appeal to some people, others may find it disturbing. Vehicles with large or turbocharged engines can use this type of exhaust system. It’s also suitable for those who want their cars to look sporty. 

    Dual Side Exhaust

    Just as the name suggests, a dual-side exhaust consists of two pipes next to each other on either side. It can expel exhaust gasses faster and more efficiently compared to single-exit pipes. 

    As a result, cars with this type of exhaust system perform better. That said, they are more expensive to buy, install or replace. They are more prone to rust than single-exit pipes because they do not get a lot of warmth. 

    This makes moisture condense inside them, thus becoming rusty. Dual-side exhausts are suitable for powerful vehicles with a large engine or turbocharged engine. Using this type of exhaust system on small cars may be of little benefit. 

    Opposite Dual Exhaust

    MbenzGram, also known as MBGRAM, sales specialists note that opposite dual exhausts have two separate pipes exiting out from behind car tires. The pipes are relatively longer and bent around the wheels to improve the filtering process. 

    Opposite dual exhausts are suitable for large vehicles such as trucks because they have a lot of weight and need a lot of power. One of the main advantages is that the pipes exit downwards, which makes them not block air intake grilles. However, they can be expensive to purchase, install, and maintain. 

    High-Performance Exhausts

    High-performance exhausts are usually fitted to a car aftermarket. They are custom-designed to fit a specific vehicle make or model and are offered to people who may want to customize their cars to increase performance. 

    These exhausts are more efficient in filtering out gasses, thus maintaining optimal air levels. They can significantly increase the efficiency and performance of a car. It can also be modified to produce different sounds. The aftermarket parts may be of better quality and long-lasting.  

    On the downside, it can be more expensive to custom-design.  There are also many things that need to be considered, such as construction and configuration. For instance, there might be little need to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system if it is going to rust soon or if there will be a need to tweak it in order to make it fit. 

    There might be little need to consider this option if the aftermarket does not add torque and horsepower. Higher-performance exhausts are suitable for small cars or SUV owners who want to add style to their cars. 

    How MbenzGram (MBGRAM) Help Their Clients Find the Right Exhaust Systems

    A picture of an exhaust system similar to the ones from MbenzGram (MBGRAM)

    MbenzGram (MBGRAM) sales team helps their customers make the right choices of exhaust systems. They have been in the industry for a long and understand the nuts and bolts of the automotive industry. MbenzGram will advise on the exhaust system’s suitability depending on the car’s model. 

    According to MbenzGram (MBGRAM), many factors must be considered when buying an exhaust system, including sound quality, quality of steel, pipe diameter, configuration, sound level, and crossover. Depending on what the client is looking for, MbenzGram (MBGRAM) will do its best to ensure its clients are satisfied. If a customer wants an aftermarket exhaust system, they know that power, sound, ease of installation, and flexibility are major factors to consider.

    How MbenzGram (MBGRAM) Sell their Car Parts

    MbenzGram (MBGRAM) has all types of car parts, and customers can shop online. All customers have to do is visit their website and make inquiries online. They have a robust website where customers can specify the car’s make and model, including the year of make and the car parts that will pop up. 

    Once a client specifies the car’s make, they are directed to the car parts pages, and customers can place an order online depending on what they are looking for. They also have good customer care services in case you are stuck in the process of placing orders.