Know how to earn more money running a referral-based business

    Are you running a referral-based business and looking for an opportunity to earn more? Then, you may not be disappointed. This blog will help entrepreneurs, travel and insurance agents, and retired persons looking for a lucrative business through a referral or affiliate program. You typically get paid for every high-quality referral you give. A personal loan affiliate program helps you earn additional income if you find and help people get an instant personal loan to meet their urgent financial requirements.

    You don’t find many online businesses that give you more than 50K per month. A referral rewards program from IDFC FIRST Bank helps you earn money online without any investment. All you need to do is to know about IDFC FIRST Bank’s various financial products, especially instant personal loans offered for a medical emergency, home renovation, education, travel, and debt consolidation.

    Being one of the best financial affiliate programs, you can have a second income sitting at home. You need to build a good network of social contacts for this purpose. You may come across friends, relatives, neighbours, and colleagues who look for a personal loan from a reliable source.

    You can win their trust by helping them get a suitable loan from a reputed bank at a competitive interest rate and flexible EMI schedule. With this, you can help them tide them over a difficult period, and at the same time, receive compensation and reward from the bank.

    Get to know IDFC FIRST Bank’s personal loan affiliate program

    IDFC FIRST Bank through the MyFIRST Partner app helps you join an affiliate program and recommend its personal loans to people in return for monetary compensation. By offering one of the best personal finance affiliate programs, IDFC FIRST Bank gives you an opportunity to refer prospective loan applicants and earn money on every disbursement of a loan amount.

    You have to involve in natural conversations with people who may want to know more about quick personal loans offered by IDFC FIRST Bank. By putting in a conscious effort, you can build prospective referrals looking for personal loans, which will help you earn money directly credited to your bank account. You don’t have any limits to the number of referrals that you can provide to the bank. With more referrals, you will earn more income.

    To become a part of the affiliate program, you should be at least 18 years old and a citizen of India. The MyFIRST Partner app enables you to send completed personal loan applications and supporting documents for quick approvals. On verification and approval, your reference is converted into a lead. You receive a certain amount of money and exciting rewards after the disbursement of the loan amount.

    How MyFIRST Partner app helps you earn more money?

    To be a part of the personal loan affiliate program, you have to download the MyFIRST Partner app and register yourself by providing your full name, address, and bank details. Representing a leading bank like IDFC FIRST Bank makes it easy for you to get referrals who are interested in a personal loan.

    Identifying people in your social and professional contacts and sharing your experience on the product or service can bring great results and income. The MyFIRST Partner app helps you check the instant loan application status through the ‘In Progress’ tab. Moreover, there is a dedicated team to help you with training and product knowledge on the app. Once the loan is approved and the amount disbursed, you receive a cash bonus credited every week to your account.

    You can leverage the power of the MyFIRST Partner app and earn a minimum of Rs 25K every fortnight to promote your referral-based business.