How to renovate a house on a budget

    Keen to get stuck into a home renovation project, but unsure how to stick to a budget? You might be surprised to learn that seemly simple changes can make the world of difference – and you don’t always need to undergo lavish projects to boost the value of your home. Don’t get flustered over the prospect of building an extension or completely redecorating your rooms. It really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

    Here are some things to take into consideration from an investment perspective. They won’t create too much stress for you and they won’t pull too tightly on those purse strings either.

    Increasing kerb appeal

    How your home looks from the outside can help viewers connect with your home straight away by gaining an instant good impression. And as we know, first impressions count and can influence how viewers see the rest of your property, so it’s well worth putting thought into this.

    Kerb appeal can be boosted in a number of ways and is a simple but effective method of adding to the value of your home without breaking the bank. Some people decide to paint over the brickwork, spruce up their front garden or have any patios professionally cleaned. You could even replace your front door with something that’s not only visually appealing but sturdier too. Otherwise, a lick of paint or a fresh doorknocker will do the job.

    Adding a new boiler is worth it

    While it’s great to get the visuals of your home intact, having properly functioning internal equipment can be just as, if not more valuable to many potential buyers. If your boiler is relatively old, it could be worth investing in a new one, as an efficient boiler can be a real USP for many – and especially given the rise in energy prices.

    New homeowners will appreciate knowing that their boiler is working at full capacity, therefore limiting the likelihood of problems that could arise while living there. Simple actions like this can showcase the care you have put into your home, giving people a positive impression of you having looked after the property.

    Adding a shower room

    A shower room has many perks. Firstly, it can be small, which means you wouldn’t have to sacrifice too much space in your home to upgrade to an ensuite bathroom. All you need is enough space for a toilet, sink and square shower tray.

    Otherwise, a wet room can optimise the space even further if you’re more restricted. Where necessary, you can add tiles that enhance the space, use pipe sealant to help keep any leakages at bay and incorporate any smart storage solutions to maximise this room.

    Do you have any more budget-friendly hacks to share that will help improve a property? Comment down below!