How to Contact Credit Card Customer Care

    Credit cards allow cardholders to avail of purchases with ease and efficiency. They operate by virtue of providing cardholders with an agreed-upon amount of money that can be spent at the card holder’s discretion. These funds are advanced and are then spent by the cardholder and are required to be repaid with an agreed-upon interest applicable on the same. Moreover, cardholders are required to pay certain fees associated with the maintenance of their card.

    Contacting Credit Card Customer Care

    While being a credit card holder can provide you with a greater degree of flexibility in your spending patterns, you might find yourself needing to contact your credit card customer care for a number of reasons. These could range from having issues remembering the PIN associated with your card to have lost your card and needing a replacement. Read on to understand how to contact SBI and RBL’s credit card customer care services.

    Contacting RBL Credit Card Customer Care

    The following RBL credit card customer care numbers can be used to reach out to RBL from your registered phone number.

    • Customer Care Number – +91 22 6232 7777
    • Customer Care Number – 1800 121 9050

    Else, you can reach out via email to have your queries or issues addressed.

    Email address –

    SuperCard holders are entitled to call on a number or email an account that’s been made available just for them.

    • Phone Number – +91 22 7119 0900
    • Email Address –

    For general queries pertaining to RBL Bank, you can reach out to the customer care number which is active on a 24*7 basis.

    • +91 22 6115 6300

    Should you have any inquiries pertaining to your credit card, you can reach out via the following means.

    • Telephone Number – +91 22 61156300
    • Email –

    Contacting SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number

    The State Bank of India (or SBI) has grown significantly over the past decade and presently serves as a prominent multinational public sector bank.

    In order to make a complaint or ask a question pertaining to your SBI credit card, you can reach out to any of the SBI Credit Card Customer Care numbers mentioned below.

    • TOLL-FREE – 1800 180 1290 – This is the toll-free number.
    • TOLL APPLICABLE – 1860 180 1290 – This number has a toll applicable.
    • CITYWIDE- 39 02 02 02 – You must add your local STD as the prefix.

    When calling SBI’s 24×7 credit card customer care number specific to a city, having easy access to the facts mentioned below would be wise.

    • Credit card number
    • The date of expiry
    • Date of birth
    • Phone number registered with your credit card for an OTP
    • PIN associated with the card (4 digits)


    Credit card customer care services are extremely helpful and should be taken advantage of. Queries, complaints, and general grievances can be appropriately dealt with. Head on over to Finserv MARKETS in order to enjoy the flexibility your credit card affords you.