Earn While You Sleep – The Best Online Passive Income Apps in India Reviewed

    Are you searching for dependable and adaptable secondary online earning ways alongside your primary job? Would it surprise you to learn that your smartphone could play a role?

    Today, technology profoundly impacts our lives and presents numerous opportunities to generate income. That’s right – the compact device you carry in your pocket can be valuable for earning money. However, it’s essential to understand that earning won’t happen overnight; it requires dedication and effort.

    Even with access to cutting-edge technology, making money necessitates an investment of time and commitment. Fortunately, various banking institutions have introduced money-earning apps, such as referral programs, which make it simpler to earn substantial income by participating in their referral programs.

    Continue reading to discover how to leverage your smartphone to utilize the best money-making apps and start earning online immediately.

    What is an Online Money-Earning App?

    Online earning applications, referred to as refer-and-earn platforms, have grown in popularity as effective methods for generating supplemental income. These applications typically serve as hubs where individuals can register as referral partners and recommend products or services to their friends, family, and associates. For example, IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner app presents a refer-and-earn initiative, enabling customers to refer personal loans to others and receive a commission of 1.5% for each disbursal.

    Through this application, users can earn over ₹1,00,000* per month by referring prospective clients. This passive income type empowers individuals to capitalize on their existing social connections and earn money without requiring substantial investment.

    Use Refer-Earn Apps

    Top money-making Android apps such as IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner Programme, which rewards users for referrals, offer fantastic opportunities to earn extra income. Utilizing this app to recommend others for loans is a viable method to earn money online in India. With the assistance of this program, which offers up to 1.5% for each loan disbursed, you could earn over Rs 50,000 monthly. There’s no upfront investment required; instead, the earnings from your referrals are deposited into your bank account every week. You can trust this option because a reputable bank like IDFC FIRST Bank supports it.

    Who Can Sign Up for the Refer and Earn App?

    The simple eligibility criteria of the MyFIRST Partner Program ensure that individuals can easily seize this opportunity. To apply for the online money-earning app, you must be an Indian citizen, at least 18 years old, and hold a bank account with an Indian bank. These criteria open the opportunity to a wide range of individuals eager to boost their income through referral-based earnings.

    Refer-and-earn applications have revolutionized generating supplemental income, enabling users to leverage their networks for swift and effortless cash generation. With IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner Referral money-earning apps in India, you can earn a substantial income without any initial commitment. Individuals can effectively navigate the referral market by choosing the right app, offering a streamlined sign-up process, instant payouts, and access to experienced relationship managers.


    Generating revenue through an online money-earning app is a trustworthy and valid earning method. It provides an additional stream of earnings without any initial financial investment. If you want to explore this opportunity, download the MyFIRST Partner App from IDFC FIRST Bank today.

    Within a few minutes, you can register for free on these legitimate money-earning apps to earn income by referring friends and family for personal loans. Even better, every loan disbursed through your referrals results in weekly payments directly deposited into your bank account, offering a dependable source of income. Currently, over 200,000 active users are already benefiting from this opportunity.