The Shortcomings of Automated Trading Systems

Automated trading systems have many advantages and benefits. For one, they remove the emotions out of trading, which means you can stick more easily with your trading plan. It therefore also improves trading discipline. At the same time, you can backtest your trading strategy using historical market data.

On the flipside, though, automated trading systems also sport downsides that may not be suitable for some kinds of traders. In this article, we explore these downsides to help you decide whether an automated trading strategy is for you or not.

Program Failures

Ideally, automated trading systems work as the name suggests: automatically. It’s also pretty straightforward: set the rules, and let the computer run the trade.

However, in the real world, program failures and mechanical glitches happen. Yes, automated trading is a sophisticated trading strategy. But it is not perfect.

For instance, if the internet connection is suddenly lost, an order may not be sent to the market. There could also be some errors between trades from the strategy.

Traders should expect some kind of learning curve with automated trading systems. The trick is to start small—use small trade sizes—while the automated process is still being polished.

Problems with Monitoring

Even though turning on the computer and leaving for the day sounds thrilling (not really), automated trading systems still require some amount of monitoring.

Keep in mind that chances of technical failures, connectivity problems, power interruptions, and computer and system crashes still exist.

That means the automated trading system could still experience anomalies, which could reap errant orders, missing orders, or duplicate orders.

To resolves these issues, you still have to be alert and monitor the system often.


Although this issue is not exclusive to automated trading systems, traders who use backtesting techniques can design systems that appear to be great but perform horribly badly in a live market.

Overoptimization is a thing; it refers to the excessive curve-fitting that results in a trading plan or system which traders cannot rely upon.

For example, it’s possible to design a strategy that could achieve exceptional results on the historical market data on which is was backtested.

Traders then incorrectly assume that a trading plan could have near 100% efficiency and profitability (never experiencing a drawdown).

They then tweak the parameters to create an almost perfect trading plan, which succumbs to failure once applied to a real-world, real-time situation.


Traders search for trading systems which they will use on their trade. But sometimes, it’s too good to be true. And remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is not true.

Some systems sold by suspicious or disreputable brokers or sellers promise high profits for low prices. Keep in mind that scams exist and the market has a lot of those going around.

To determine whether the system is legitimate or not, scrutinize anything that you have to pay for before laying down any money. Always ask a lot of questions.

Check the testimonials if any and do your research. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you commit.

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Economic Indicators for Market Trends

Economic indicators may be leading, lagging, or coincident indicators. These indicators help an investor or trader confirm or disprove his or her conclusions regarding the market. More importantly, they help him or her know the market trends. Here are some of the most important economic indicators for market trends.

Market Indices

Market indices offer predictive abilities to investors, so it should be current and forward-looking. It also has to discount values based on future expectations.

The most insightful statistics about the economy’s direction start with major market indices for stocks, stock futures, bond interest rates and yield curve, forex, and commodity prices.

Weekly Data Reports

Every week, some important economic reports also come out for the public to see.

The weekly jobless claims report comes weekly from the Department of Labor. When the economy weakens, unemployment rates go up.

On the other hand, this report has a bias in that self-employed, part-time, and contractual employees who lose their jobs do not get the benefits. Therefore, they don’t count.

Meanwhile, the money supply report also comes out weekly. It comes from the Federal Reserve, and it’s an abstract technical calculation of how much money is in circulation in the economy.

On the other hand, because of digital improvements wherein huge amounts of money can move across the globe in a snap, this indicator has lost its value over the years.

Monthly Data Reports

There are also economic data that come out every month.

The New Residential Housing Construction Report is an example. It comes from the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and it’s commonly called “housing starts.”

This report breaks down the number of building permits issued, housing starts, as well as completions. The data is an important leading indicator because construction activity typically picks up early in the expansion phase of the business cycle.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) comes from the Conference Board. It’s one of the many reports that gauges the correspondents’ attitude and sentiment.

It is not necessarily exact or precise. However, it scores high on accuracy when it comes to predicting consumer spending. And consumer spending accounts for 70% of the economy.

Industrial and Manufacturing Report

There are also important reports that tell something about industrial and manufacturing growth.

The Durable Goods Report (DGR) from the Census Bureau is one such report. It is used as a barometer for the health of heavy industry, and it surveys manufacturers of goods with a life expectancy of more than three years.

Such purchases by businesses represent capacity expansion. Meanwhile, sales at retail indicate increasing confidence among consumers.

Because of the high volatility on a monthly basis, moving averages are used. Year-over-year comparisons are also utilized to spot the pivot points in the economy.

Meanwhile, the Factory Order Report, also coming from the Census Bureau, is a more detailed and less timely report than the GDR.

The main downside of this indicator is that it fails to account for price changes that can greatly impact inventories during both inflationary and deflationary times.

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Viva Wallet Leads the European Migration to Contactless Payments

The contactless campaign caught heat with the dawn of Coronavirus as customers took more caution and advocates worldwide positioned themselves to increase adoption and user awareness.

In Europe, Viva Wallet, a pan-European neobank, was among the first to lead a successful March campaign that saw “countless businesses across Europe” switch to a digital ecosystem. Experts at Viva Wallet engineered a swift response to the unprecedented demand for smooth contactless transactions throughout Europe.

This involved the speedy rollout of POS hardware like Android card terminals and software like Viva Wallet’s Android POS app. And sure, the POS app enabled the platform to digitize payments for both micro, medium, and large business– even powering the tiniest companies with no physical presence.

That free Viva Wallet app came as a haven, excluding any monthly fee and enabling immediate use of a digital banking card, making it the best solution for small and large brands.

According to Haris Karonis, Viva Wallet’s Creator and Chief Executive, “the platform came as a kiss of life for startups and established companies amid the increasing need for digital tools and instant onboarding to the latest payment avenues.”

The company’s status as a European neobank and its digital standpoint positioned it as the perfect bridge to the online payments gap exposed by COVID-19.

So far, Viva Wallet has set foot in 23 nations across Europe and serves a whopping 100,000 merchants.

Via Viva Wallet’s “bank in a box” offering, retailers can take instant global payments and local cards, both at the brick-and-mortar and online, and access a local IBAN account plus a BIN business debit card from a single vendor, providing retailers with a transparent and straightforward digital remedy.

But that’s not all; retailers who use both card acceptance and the business card will enjoy zero percent card acceptance costs.

Viva’s aptitude to frictionlessly initiate local and global payments is one of the primary reasons its retailer base has snowballed in the double-digit.

“A fully localized service offers numerous advantages to merchants by ensuring compliance with regulatory standards,” says Karonis. “The quick access to local IBAN accounts also allows for the incorporation of add-on services, like providing Merchant Cash Advances, which is our next rollout.

Final Words

Having set foot in 23 nations across Europe and onboarded a whopping 100,000 merchants, Viva Wallets is undoubtedly committed to spreading digitization across the continent.

This success is also a sign that contactless payments will continue to grow even post-pandemic.

Author Bio: Payment industry guru Taylor Cole is a passionate payments expert who understands the world of He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to stocks to cryptopay. He enjoys eating pie with ice-cream on his backyard porch, as should all right-thinking people.

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Achieve These Top Five Life Goals with a ULIP Policy

Every person has particular goals that they want to achieve in the future. Some of them could be going abroad for higher education, settling down in a foreign country, travelling the world, etc. But accomplishing your ambitions requires capital that cannot be obtained only via saving. Thus, you have to invest money in financial instruments suitable for you and fulfil your life goals. Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is one of those tools that offer a life cover along with an investment component. But if you are wondering ‘why should I invest in ULIPs?’, here are five life goals that you can accomplish with this investment tool.

Top Five Life Goals That You Can Achieve with ULIP Insurance

1.   Retirement Planning

Sooner or later you will have to sit down and start your retirement planning which will include figuring out the corpus required following 60. After understanding your expenses and estimating the capital you need, you also need to begin investing in financial instruments accordingly as saving up doesn’t cut it. Because ULIPs have an investment component, you can keep contributing towards the funds to get lucrative returns. Also, as you are accumulating funds for your retirement, staying invested for the long-term can earn you high returns. Thus, by investing in ULIP plans, you can plan your retirement and generate the required capital.

2.   Travel Goals

Life can be stressful with a full-time job and responsibilities at home. Thus, most people love taking a break every now and then and travel to some quaint location. Many also consider going on an extended travel spree after 10-15 years of working. If you are one of them, you do not have to work tirelessly for that vacation but rather contribute towards a long-term tool like ULIP. Holding your investment in funds for a lengthy period can help achieve those travel goals you have longed for.

3.   Higher Education

As parents, we love giving our children the luxuries that we never enjoyed. So be it a renowned institution for grade school or an opportunity abroad at a prestigious university. Many individuals begin saving up for such moments that will give their children a better life. Contributing towards a Unit-Linked Insurance Plan can give you the required capital but also safeguard your family in case something happens to you. The dual advantage of a ULIP policy makes it a beneficial option as a life cover is also as important.

4.   Financial Backup

Be it for your parents or your spouse, a financial backup has to be available in case of a mishap. And when you are the only earning member of the family, leaving them without any safety net can be worrisome. A life cover is the best possible cushioning you can provide to your loved ones if something were to happen to you. The death benefit can offer financial stability and allow them to carry on without becoming dependent on anyone else. Insurance plans like ULIP enable you to choose the sum assured amount to be given to your beneficiary keeping their expenses in mind.

5.   Tax Savings

Who doesn’t like reducing their tax liability even if it means investing some money? Though it is advised to not consider an insurance plan simply as a tax savings tool, you can enjoy substantial ULIP tax benefits. The premiums paid towards securing an insurance policy can be claimed under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. There is a maximum cap of INR 1,50,000 that can be claimed per financial year. The maturity or death benefit in ULIP insurance can also be claimed for tax deductions under Section 10(10D). This way ULIP becomes a lucrative method of saving on taxes while enjoying a financial safety net.

To achieve more such long-term goals, ULIP policies can play a vital role in fulfiling them. It is a multi-faceted insurance plan offering several benefits to secure you and your loved ones.

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Benefits and Insights About Credit Union Personal Loans

Credit union loans are a better option than choosing personal loans from lenders. It doesn’t matter if you want to borrow money to consolidate debt, fund a new car or pay for an emergency expense. The terms and conditions of credit union loans are straightforward. DNCU is one of the best credit unions in New MexicoThe process is simple and below you will read some good reasons why credit union loans are a great alternative.

  • Fair loan interest and capped by law.
  • Flexibility to restructure repayment if you cannot afford or repay ahead of time without any concerns about penalties.
  • Loans are transparent without any extra costs unless you wish to change loan terms.

Banks and credit unions offer the same financial products & services. Nonetheless, the latter is non-profit, whereas the former are for-profit financial institutions.

Get to know about the credit union loans

Get membership

The first criterion to get a credit union loan is to gain membership. Usually, the eligibility for membership is based on location or related to a current member or have membership in a homeowner’s association, church, school, or labor union.

Get low interest and low fees deal

A credit union aims to promote financial security among community members. Earning profit is not their aim. Credit union membership allows you to get favorable loan terms including low interest and low fees deal.

Average APR for unsecured 3-year credit union loans is as low as 9.25% in comparison to online lenders 36%. Low APR means money saved and even low monthly payment.

Better odds to get approved

With solid credit, you can access favorable loan terms including low APR. Nevertheless, credit unions willingly work with members who have struggled with bad credit in their past but they need to consider you as a member with good standing.

Limited access

The credit union’s customer base is smaller than the traditional banks. Therefore, they will have limited physical branches. Some credit unions still operate the traditional way. Therefore, if you are into the latest banking technology then choose a credit union that has adapted technology to avoid inconvenience.

Credit unions get highly rated than banks in terms of customer satisfaction. So, reach out to the Del Norte Credit Union and learn about membership eligibility and interest rates. If you get qualified for membership then you will be capable to gain personal loans at lower interest rates. Before signing understand the loan terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.

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Get Urgent Cash in the Lowest Possible Time

You may be in need of urgent money. What are your chances of getting out of the financial trouble? You should look for Singa Credit. The company has been providing to your urgent cash needed Singapore in the best manner possible. If you were searching for urgent cash, you should rest assured that Singa Credit would not disappoint you in any manner.

They would address your monetary needs quickly. They have same day approval whereby you would not be required to wait for your money lending needs. They have been serving the needs of the people for a considerable duration.

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How to Save on Interest charged by the Credit Card

You might look for the lowest interest rate when choosing the best credit card. While the lower rate of interest may be essential for you, it would not be wrong to suggest that you should consider several other aspects before choosing the right credit card for you.

If you were paying your credit balance every month and do not carry balance forward, the interest rate carried by your card would not concern you in any manner. However, you may be concerned with the grace period. Paying your balance every month and within the grace period would enable you to use the card for several years without paying the interest.

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Automobile Financing Options For Your Vehicle Purchase

When the time has come to purchase your next vehicle, you have numerous automobile financing choices accessible to you. You can either back your auto through a nearby bank or credit association, the business itself or with a pre-endorsement from an online automobile financing organization. There are a few focal points to every last one of these and a few things you ought to likewise pay special mind to.

The best vehicle financing that you can get is through your nearby bank or credit association. Their rates will be lower than financing your auto legitimately through the business or maker. When in doubt of thumb, most banks will back another vehicle at a lower loan cost and over a more drawn out term. Utilized vehicles, those models that are two years and more seasoned, typically get financing for just 36 to four years and with loan costs that are a couple of rate focuses higher.

There are a couple of things you will need to consider before financing your vehicle through a business. In the first place, ensure the financing the vendor is offering you is the best accessible financing you can get. At the end of the day, ensure you have checked every single other alternative. Next, be cautious pretty much the majority of the additional items that come packaged with your vehicle buy. The business or maker is as of now getting the enthusiasm for financing the vehicle for you, so transform a portion of those additional items into complimentary gifts since you have chosen to back through them. Whatever you do, don’t give the vendor a chance to persuade you that you are getting an extraordinary markdown from any manufacturing plant refunds. These discounts go straightforwardly to the vendor so they will as of now get that cash. Make them give you an extra markdown towards your buy as they will make it up later in the financing.

Another financing alternative to consider is to verify a credit through an online organization that will give you a pre-affirmed sum that you can take to the business and purchase your vehicle. The financing costs on these advances are higher, yet you needn’t bother with ideal credit to get affirmed for them. The best thing about getting a pre-endorsed online advance is that a business may contend with your pre-endorsement and attempt to show signs of improvement financing, either through the vendor or through one of the neighborhood banks.

On the off chance that your credit isn’t what it ought to be, there are a lot of vendors that offer their very own in-house car financing. Whatever your financial assessment uncovers, these businesses will attempt their best to get you financed and into a vehicle. Ordinarily, on the off chance that you have a solid employment and can confirm your salary with check stubs, at that point you won’t have an issue getting automobile financing. You might be required, be that as it may, to put down a sizable up front installment of somewhere in the range of 5-20%, so be set up to have some money.

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High points and low points of in Home Finance

Home account is a kind of financing given by the organization which either fabricates or sells the item or venture which is being bought. A genuine case of this kind of financing would be a vehicle maker offering the financing to an individual who is purchasing a vehicle. Financing any type of procurement in this strategy has a few points of interest and a few disservices.

The most clear bit of leeway of in-home financing is the way effectively it tends to be finished. Since the organization which is offering the financing is likewise selling the item there is no issues concerning demonstrating the estimation of the buy. While regularly it is taken as reality that the advance solicitation is equivalent to or not exactly the genuine estimation of whatever is being obtained there are a few special cases.

Most home loan moneylenders require a property examination to confirm that a home or apartment suite which is being obtained is worth in any event as much as the credit sum. With in home financing this isn’t required since the loan specialist set the deal cost on the home or apartment suite. In certain circumstances this sort of financing can likewise be simpler to get than customary bank financing. This is frequently connected with the way that the organization making the deal stands to lose less if an individual defaults on a credit than a standard loan specialist. This is because of the way that the organization selling whatever is being financed generally has a specific measure of markup worked in. This occasionally prompts this type of financing being all the more promptly accessible to individuals with marginally lower FICO ratings.

There are additionally a few burdens to in-house financing. The most clear factor is the way that as a rule this sort of financing offers a marginally higher than normal loan fee. This is essential to investigate anyway since in certain conditions the maker may offer lower financing costs to purchasers with a decent FICO rating. It is likewise significant when seeing this kind of financing to think about the size of the producer and their loaning division.

There are makers which offer in house loaning which have a huge loaning office. Car makers are a genuine case of this. Now and again anyway littler organizations may endeavor to offer in house loaning. While this can be effective there is a high likelihood that the credit is auctions off to another moneylender. In this sort of circumstance it can now and then become befuddling to the borrower.

In-home fund is an incredible choice for certain individuals, and in specific conditions. Vehicle advances are one of the most well-known territories to see this sort of financing. It is likewise one of the main territories where this kind of financing can be a decent option in contrast to another bank. In any conditions where in house financing is being considered as an alternative it is critical to give close consideration to the subtleties and terms which are composed into the credit contract. This will maintain a strategic distance from future issues because of a missed condition.

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Contemplations For a Car Purchase and Finance

There are numerous interesting points in your acquisition of an engine vehicle. There are numerous decisions and it very well may befuddle which vehicle to pick. When you have chosen a vehicle then to what cost and conceivable exchange cost to be arranged. With most vehicle buys financed, it is additionally critical to recall everything when experiencing looking at vehicle account bundles.

Australian vehicle credits can differ on account of numerous elements. Vehicle Finance direct from a bank is frequently not the least expensive arrangement.

At the point when time to buy another vehicle, the following inquiry is normally how you are going to pay for it as opposed to which vehicle you are going to purchase.

Financing your next vehicle is a significant procedure, as you need to pick a fund bundle most reasonable to you. There can be numerous things to check including vehicle advance loan fees, expenses and charges, break charges on the off chance that you paid it out before or on the off chance that you can pay additional installments.

Make sure to consider the time it will take to support and settle your vehicle credit. Does the vehicle account organization suit your criteria to favor the money?

You can have unbound or verified vehicle fund, which can be altogether different expenses on your loan.It can be a prerequisite of the vehicle account organization to have completely extensive on your vehicle previously and keeping in mind that you pay off your vehicle advance.

Money organizations can help to guarantee you have a problem free vehicle buy and help with extra assets like encumbrance checks to guarantee that there are no exceptional advances from the earlier proprietor left against the engine vehicle. They could have accessible title checks to affirm the responsibility for vehicle you are obtaining. Most will mastermind clear move to dealer of the sum financed on the vehicle buy.

Vehicle advances, subject to the account organization’s endorsement can be financed to the full cost of the buy including on-street costs and expenses, vehicle Insurance, engine vehicle breakdown guarantees, credit security for death, inability and joblessness.

More seasoned autos can be alright. Vehicle advances can apply for all ages new and utilized relying upon the vehicle advance loan specialist.

Account structures can be adaptable to suit your situation. Alternatives to consider on your vehicle advance could be postponed installment vehicle advances so you first installment begins at an all-encompassing time into your account contract, premium just installment choices including inflatable installments, broadened fund terms and organized vehicle money installments to suit your way of life or your work income.

There are many engine fund alternatives accessible for imported vehicles.

Business vehicle fund choices are accessible that could be appropriate for business use. A few decisions to think about that identify with business vehicle financing are property contract vehicle fund, business contract buy, vehicle rent, operational vehicle rent and completely kept up vehicle rent bundles. Be cautious in light of the fact that the structure of your business vehicle fund can influence your tax assessment guarantee.

Managing through a respectable vehicle credit agent can give you a decision of vehicle money loan specialists. Know that you may get vehicle credit financing costs and advance expenses and charges less expensive than banks.

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