Should we use specialist money transfer services?

One of the most important aspects of overseas travel and overseas stay in the forex. There are several forex services like outward remittance, currency exchange, and travel cards. These services are provided by many forex service providers like banks and forex companies. But why should you go with a specialist money transfer service provider? You can see it for yourself below.

You get better pricing and exchange rates when you prefer a specialist foreign currency exchange service provider. It is because they give priority to forex since it is where they are working their hearts out to serve smiles on their client’s faces. Whereas for banks, forex is an add-on service. And, so the concentration in that area would be comparatively less.

The best foreign exchange companies can help you with solutions crafted for your forex problems. They also provide forex services combined with cutting-edge tech. You can live track the forex rates through their online portal, which enables you to get the best exchange rates while buying and transferring forex. If you can’t get it, dial their customer care and, they can care for you the way you need.

  At last, forex services of these forex companies are easy to use and, the time taken to complete the same is considerably faster. You can opt for a wire transfer or currency exchange sitting at your home using their online service. Their executives will meet you at your place to complete the procedures for the opted services and it will be done in a moment.

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5 Benefits of using a SIP Calculator

Mutual funds have been a boon for those who have invested in these market-linked schemes via Systematic Investment Plan. SIP is a simple and effective way of generating long-term capital appreciation through small fixed investments. What SIP does is that it gives investors the liberty to effectively choose an investment sum that is convenient for them and allows them to invest this sum periodically in a mutual fund scheme of their choice.

A lot of young investors prefer SIP over lumpsum investment because it allows them to overcome market volatility in the long run. Those who invest in mutual funds via SIP do not have to worry about market performance as mutual funds invest in a diversified basket of securities. This means that even if one of the underlying stocks is underperforming, other underlying securities can reduce the overall investment risk and the scheme can deliver returns for its investors. More and more people are turning to SIP investing over conventional investment options like recurring fixed deposits because they are receiving more returns than they ever did from any other investment avenue.

To understand how much returns one can earn from their SIP investments, investors can use the SIP calculator. An online SIP calculator is a free tool that allows retail investors to determine the total returns from their SIP investments at the end of their SIP journey. This is a simple and easily accessible tool that any layperson can use by inputting a few details.

Benefits of SIP calculator

Here are 5 primary benefits offered by the SIP calculator:

  1. It aims to give accurate results

SIP calculator doesn’t take the mutual fund scheme’s expense ratio into consideration while showing the total return on investment. However, it aims to give accurate results. This online SIP calculator is based on the following formula:

M = P × ({[1 + i]n – 1} / i) × (1 + i)


M is the maturity sum at the end of the investment journey

P stands for the SIP sum

n is the number of monthly SIP investments one makes

i refers to the periodic rate of interest

Using the above formula, the SIP calculator helps investors determine the total returns which can help them figure out whether their current SIP investments are enough to help them achieve long-term goals.

  1. It is less time consuming

If you try to manually calculate your SIP returns, it can get a bit tedious and time-consuming. However, if you use the online SIP calculator, not only will it show correct results, but it will do so in just a few seconds. A SIP calculator gives you the following details in a few seconds:

  • Total investment sum
  • returns on investment
  • Investment sum + returns on investment i.e. your total SIP returns

One single calculation is enough for displaying multiple results and this makes an online SIP calculator a time-saving tool.

  1. Conjecture mutual fund investments

A SIP calculator can help plan their mutual fund investments in a better way as they are forecast their investments for various tenures in a jiffy. For example, it will only take a few seconds to find out how a monthly SIP of Rs. 5000 can fetch total returns over 10 years with an average return rate of 10%. Now you can modify these numbers by modifying the SIP sum, investment tenures, or return rate to get a different result.

  1. Allows investors to make an informed investment decision

Investors can compare the results of various mutual fund schemes by changing the interest rate in the SIP calculator. This can help them draw an estimate on the returns a particular scheme might fetch over the investment horizon. Based on these estimated returns, investors will be able to plan their SIP investments in a better way.

  1. Disciplined investing

Upon finding out the magic of compounding by using the SIP calculator, new investors may immediately begin their SIP investment journey, and estimating future returns may inculcate the discipline of regular investing.

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SIP and Inflation Calculator – Working and Benefits

Calculators have life simple for humans. They have the ability to compute the most complicated calculations and display results in just a few seconds. Calculators are easy to use and anyone from a school going child to an elderly human can use these tools to their advantage. Now one does not need to buy a calculator from the store physically. Online calculators are freely available and anyone accesses them from a laptop, computer a tablet, or even a smartphone with a decent internet connection.

For mutual fund investors, if they have started a mutual fund SIP or are planning on investing in mutual funds via SIP, they can use an online SIP calculator. Let us find out what an online SIP calculator is and how one can make the most out of this tool.

What is a SIP calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one of the two ways to invest in mutual fund schemes (the other way being lumpsum investing). Anyone who wishes to invest small fixed sums regularly instead of making a large principal investment can opt for the SIP option. Let’s say you want to build a corpus of Rs. 6 lakhs to buy a new car. Assuming that the mutual fund scheme in which they invest offers an average return of 8%, a monthly SIP of Rs. 9000 should be enough for them to achieve the desired corpus at the end of their investment horizon. And such calculations can be easily done using an online SIP calculator.

An online SIP calculator is a simple and easy tool that lets potential mutual fund investors determine the total returns earned from their SIP investments over a certain period of time. This calculator is easily accessible to which any layman can use by just putting in a few details.

How does the SIP calculator work? 

The formula on which the SIP calculator is based is stated below:

M = P × ({[1 + i] n – 1} / i) × (1 + i)

Here –

  • M’ stands the total sum that you receive upon maturity
  • P’ is the sum you invest at periodic intervals
  • n represents the number of monthly SIPs you have made during your investment journey
  • i is the periodic rate of interest

While calculating future returns is crucial, it is equally important for investors to consider the rate of inflation. For example, if your investment scheme offering an average return of 6% and the estimated rate of inflation is 4% then your actual returns are only 2%. Investors can plan their finances more adequately by using an online inflation calculator.

What is an inflation calculator?

An online inflation calculator is easily available, and anyone can use it freely. Anyone can easily use this calculator to determine the purchasing power of a certain amount. A time-saving tool, the online inflation calculator calculates your queries and displays results within a few seconds. If you want to manually calculate the purchasing power of a certain amount it may take a while before you derive to the conclusion. However, using an inflation calculator saves time as this online tool produces results almost instantly.

How to use the online inflation calculator?

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to use the inflation calculator and one needs to follow these simple steps to get desired results–

  • Investors first need to enter the amount whose future spending power value they want to determine
  • Next, they must enter the number of years after which they want to determine the purchasing power of the specified amount

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SIP Calculator – Calculate SIP Returns & Invest in SIP

When we are investing our hard-earned money in investment products, we are keen to find out how much corpus we can earn at the end of our investment journey. By figuring out the total estimated capital gains, investors can determine whether their investments are sufficient to nurturing their life’s short-term or long-term financial goals. Similarly, when it comes to mutual fund investments since these are market-linked schemes whose returns fluctuate from time to time investors want to know how much wealth they can create.

Investors who start a SIP in a mutual fund scheme can use the SIP calculator to determine the total returns (approximate) one can earn over a stipulated period. Today we are going to discuss the SIP calculator and how investors can use it to their advantage to calculate SIP returns. But before that, let us understand what SIP is.

What is SIP?

A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a simple and easy way to invest small fixed sums in mutual fund schemes. A retail investor does not need to have a large sum to invest in mutual funds via SIP. Some mutual funds even allow investors to invest an amount as low as Rs. 500 per month through SIP. An investor can either start a SIP in mutual funds or can make a one-time lumpsum investment. A lot of investors opt for SIP over lumpsum because it allows them to buy more units over time and averages out their cost of purchase.

The following example might help you understand how the SIP in mutual fund works –

Suppose you want to collect Rs. 15 lakhs to send your child abroad for higher studies when they turn 18. Let us assume that your child’s current age is 8. This means you have 10 years in hand before you need the money. Assuming that the mutual fund scheme will deliver an average 8% annual return, a monthly SIP of Rs. 8200 will help you to build the education corpus over the course of the next 10 years.

Now that we are quite clear on the concept of SIP, let us move ahead to the SIP calculator?

What is a SIP calculator?

As its name suggests, an online SIP calculator is a free online tool that any layman can find and use without any technical difficulties. It gives SIP investors an estimate of the total returns they can earn through their monthly SIP investments. However, while calculating the total returns, the calculator doesn’t take the mutual fund scheme’s expense ratio into consideration.

Here’s the formal on which the SIP calculator is based:

M = P × ({[1 + i] n – 1} / i) × (1 + i)

Where –

  • M’ is the total sum that you receive upon maturity
  • P’ is the sum you invest at periodic intervals
  • n’ is the number of monthly SIPs you have made during your investment journey
  • i’ is the periodic rate of interest

As mentioned earlier, these are just estimated figures and investors should bear in mind the actual returns may vary depending on the performance of the mutual fund. Also, one should consider inflation while calculating returns as this will give them a better understanding of the value of their corpus at the time of redemption.

The best way to earn returns with mutual funds is by starting a SIP. SIPs are flexible which allows investors to start or stop their SIP investments anytime. SIPs can inculcate the discipline of regular investing and new investors who are new to financial planning should consider opting for SIP in mutual funds.

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SIP Calculator – Systematic Investment Plan Calculator Online

These days young investors do not want to invest in conventional investment avenues like their parents and grandparents. They seek other investment options that may not guarantee returns but have the potential to generate far better capital appreciation than bank fixed deposits and public provident funds. Mutual funds are a great investment tool that allows retail investors to generate capital appreciation over the long term. These are market-linked schemes that predominantly invest in equity and equity-related instruments of publicly listed companies and across various money market instruments like government bonds, company fixed deposits, debentures, treasury bills, etc.

Mutual fund investors have the option of either making a lumpsum investment or opting for a Systematic Investment Plan. Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an effective investment model that allows retail investors to save and invest a fixed sum periodically in mutual fund schemes. All an investor has to do is complete all the reinvestment formalities, decide on the monthly investment, and decide a date on which they wish to invest. After this, every month on a fixed date, a predetermined SIP sum is debited from the investor’s savings account and electronically transferred to the mutual fund.

Mutual fund investors who wish to start their investment journey by starting a SIP in mutual funds can also refer to the SIP calculator, a free tool that is easily available online. Let us find out more about this free calculator and how investors can use it to their advantage.

What is a SIP calculator?

As mentioned earlier, the SIP calculator allows investors to estimate the total returns that they will receive at the end of the SIP investment journey. Investors must understand that these are just approximate returns and original returns can vary. The SIP calculator doesn’t consider the expense ratio while showing the results.

How does the SIP calculator work?

The online SIP calculator is based on the following formula:

Here’s the formal on which the SIP calculator is based:

M = P × ({[1 + i] n – 1} / i) × (1 + i)

Where –

  • M’ represents the total sum that you receive upon maturity
  • P’ stands for the sum you invest at periodic intervals
  • n is the number of monthly SIPs you have made during your investment journey
  • i refers to the periodic rate of interest

How to use the SIP calculator?

SIP calculator can be goal-based or it can be based on the amount an investor wants to invest and see how much wealth they can create in the long run.

If you are using a goal-based calculator:

  • Input the corpus that you want to achieve
  • Input the number of years/months you have in hand to achieve that corpus
  • Input the expected rate of return

The calculator will show the SIP sum that you need to start investing regularly to achieve that corpus over the stipulated period.

For example, if you wish to build a corpus of Rs. 10 lakhs in the next 5 years to achieve one of your financial goals and you expect the mutual fund scheme to deliver an average annual return of 8%, a monthly SIP of Rs. 13,160 should be enough for you to achieve that goal.

Now if you want to use the SIP calculator to find out how much wealth you can create you need to input:

  • The amount that you can invest per month
  • The number of years/months you wish to invest this amount
  • Expected rate of return

The SIP calculator will show your initial investment sum and the wealth that you will create.

For example, if you invested Rs. 5000 for 1 year and with an expected rate of return of 12%, your invested amount will be Rs. 60,000 and the total wealth created will be Rs. 63,413.

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Profit Management Solutions LLC: 5 Signs You Should Hire a Business Consultant

Many business owners feel that they should manage every aspect of their business themselves. After all, they have an intelligent work team. However, in many cases, a business can benefit from a business consultant. Profit Management Solutions LLC is here with 5 signs that your business could benefit from a business consultant.

1. Your Business is Stuck

One telltale sign you need a business consultant is your business being stuck or stagnant. If you are holding steady but aren’t growing, a business consultant can get things moving again.

You may also find your company is in a rut. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing the same things the same way simply because that’s what you are used to doing. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it applies to many things. However, when it comes to business, there’s often room for improvement.

2. Your Business is Growing Exponentially

Profit Management Solutions LLC explains that a period of high growth is a time you really need a business consultant. Your business is going through lots of changes. From the inside, it can be difficult to manage all the changes, particularly when you are handling day to day operations.

A business consultant will have a different perspective. They can recommend ways to streamline your processes and manage your growth.

3. Frustrated Employees

In recent years, studies have revealed how important employee satisfaction is. In fact, highly satisfied employees boost profits by 21%.

If your employees are frustrated, it’s because something isn’t functioning as it should. Your employees may not feel appreciated. They may be overworked. They may be unsure about what their duties are, and who should do what.

All of these issues can be solved by hiring a business consultant. A business consultant aims to improve the way your business operates. They can help you delegate work, make suggestions for boosting employee morale, and make everyone’s workday a bit easier.

4. Losing The Company Vision

If you are so caught up in the day to day operation of your business that you are losing your original vision, Profit Management Solutions LLC believes you need a business consultant.

They can help you figure out where you are, and where you are going. Company direction and culture are key to a successful business. Your vision and culture will be unique to your business, but you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

5. Too Many Projects at Once

Do you undertake a project, and move on to another one before it’s completed? Do you jump at every new business opportunity, without doing enough research to decide if it’s a fit for your company?

Profit Management Solutions LLC notes that a business consultant can help you manage current projects and determine which ones are worth completing. They can also help you evaluate business opportunities, and know which ones will be profitable for your company.

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An Introduction to Alternative Payment Methods

It’s easier to pay transactions online these days due to the many alternative payment methods available. You don’t need to have a credit card to shop online. Business owners can also benefit from it since they can offer choices to potential customers. As soon as consumers decide to buy something, they can choose from different payment methods.

For online casinos like for example these additional and alternative payment methods help. You can continue playing even if you don’t have a credit card. Check the alternatives accepted by your chosen casino company, online store or gaming platform.


This alternative payment method has been around for a while. It helps pursue an easy transaction. You can connect it with your bank account or credit card. You may also fund PayPal itself and use the amount for different transactions. Since it’s a popular payment method, expect it to be applicable across platforms. Whether you play online casinos or buy from an online store, PayPal is perfect for you. There are a few downsides, though. Some transactions might require hefty fees. It also takes a while to move funds from PayPal to your bank account. Check with your bank first and read the fine print before using PayPal.

Apple Pay

This secure payment method is compatible with all iOS devices. It’s becoming more popular since many people have iPhones. Since most people shop online using smartphones, Apple Pay comes in handy. It helps keep payment information on the cloud. You don’t risk getting your secure details compromised. When you already decide to checkout, it’s convenient.

Amazon Pay

There’s no doubt about how big Amazon is, and it’s only getting bigger. Customers will feel convenience when using this method. It eliminates the need to type card information and other unnecessary details. Millions of people have already started using Amazon Pay. Since the company is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, it’s easier to use it for online purchases. For business owners, it’s also a significant boost. Since most people already have Amazon Pay on their phones, you will earn more customers if you use it.


Cryptocurrency remains a controversial payment option, but it’s popular. It’s a self-regulated currency that only applies to online transactions. You can’t use it as often as you want as stores accept Bitcoins. However, these days, many physical stores already accept Bitcoins for payment. Other cryptocurrencies are also following Bitcoin’s strategy. The problem is that Bitcoin’s value fluctuates, and it’s not a recommended mode of payment for the weak of heart. Several Bitcoin owners also sell what they have, and it pushes the cryptocurrency’s value even more. Many people ended up losing more in the past because they continued using Bitcoin. However, if the online store accepts this payment method, the process will be over in a few minutes.

The point is that you don’t need to worry about paying online if you have to shop for the things you need. You don’t need to bring cash or a card with you, either. Even if you only have your phone with you, any transaction can push through.

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Tips to consider when selling silver articles

Silver is one of the valuable gemstones across the globe. It is a symbol of both luxury and wealth to most people. Silver is commonly used to make jewelry and other ornaments. You can easily sell any of your jewelry or any other article made of silver. The ornaments can include coins, watches, anklets, utensils, bracelets, necklaces, and even bangles. You can make cash by selling silver items. Many people tend to ask this question. How can I get silver buyers near me? It is quite challenging but there are potential silvers buyers near you. There are several tips to help you get the best silver buyer.

Here is an overview of some of the tips to consider when selling a silver article

1.     The reputation of the silver buyer

Get to know the reputation of the purchasing company or an individual. The silver buyer should have a good reputation in the market. You can easily check the reputation by reading any reviews from previous sellers concerning that buyer.  Always go for the positively reviewed silver buyer in the market. A negatively reviewed will end up paying less than the required amount. Choose the buyers you can completely trust they will meet the requirements.

2. Price

You need to evaluate the price offered by the buyer. They can base the price based on the carat, color, cut, and clarity of the silver item. Estimate if the set price is worthy of your silver article. Use the price list to determine which buyer can provide the best value for your silver products. The current market price can also help you set a realistic price. This will give you a better idea of its value and worth in the market.

3. The patterns and designs of your silver article

The patterns and design of your silver article will help you determine the value of your silver article. Different styles and shapes have a different values. If the article has unique patterns and designs, you can set it at a higher price hence making huge cash. This is because many buyers want to buy articles with unique designs and styles.

4. Purity of the silver article

The purity of the silver article will help determine the value. If the article has no nay imperfection, it will have a high value as compared to the article with a low value.  Some imperfections may include dark spots, cloudiness, and even gas bubbles. You need to test for purity before setting out your desired price. Buyers will be willing to buy silver articles with imperfections at low prices.

Final words

In conclusion, there are wide varieties of factors to consider before selling a silver article. The above article outlines some of the factors to consider. You can easily turn your old silver articles into cash once you follow the above tips. Silver articles can be sold online, in jewelry stores, or even in pawn shops. Online selling is cost-effective because you will not have to travel to make the sales. You can easily get any updates regarding price changes. Adjusting the price will make you generate more revenue from the silver articles.

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Should we consider NFA as superior to NFTs?

The topic of NFTs has been gaining popularity in recent months, mostly because of celebrities’ engagement in them. It has been a recurring topic in the space of crypto, as some investors decided to put huge amounts into some tokens. The case of the $69 million purchase of a digital art piece by Beeple has been the prime example of the scale of some NFTs.

When popular influencers, Logan Paul, for instance, started to speak more and more about their NFTs, the wider publicity got suddenly interested in the topic. So, for all of those, who are not yet familiar with the concept, let us explain it briefly. Basically, the tokens are something unique that could not be duplicated or replaced, and therefore granting the owner the full ownership of the said file. This could be anything, from the mentioned art piece to some abstract concepts, or even the video of LeBron James dunking (this particular one got sold for $208,000).

How was the concept of NFTs greeted?

There were two distinct reactions among the public to the NFTs. On one hand there was an important question about the main purpose of it, as it could seem abstract to pay such sums for something that could be literally watched online. Others believe that NFTs are an important step towards the new digital era, as they allow implementing the new basics of digital private property. NFTs show us (on a smaller scale), how the proofs of ownership should be handled.

Nick Ayton, who founded and is the CEO of Chainstarter Ventures, has been trying to answer the question whether NFTs are anything other than Emperor’s new clothes. As he has a huge experience in AI (Artificial intelligence), as well as quantum computing, his expertise became really valuable when it came to assessing the vulnerabilities of NFTs, and the possible trouble with third-party involvements. Finally, he stressed how NFAs (non-fungible assets) should replace NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

There is still a lot to be found out about NFTs

The transactions are still something new, and there is a high risk that a lot of people engaged in it do not really understand the risks that it brings. Of course, currently there is a big hype around the tokens, but we can never know how the prices will behave, once the dust will have already settled down. There is also a popular misconception about the non-fungibility notion, as the tokens are not digital assets. Rather than that, NFTs should be considered as digital certifications, an online ownership verification tool.

Nick Ayton argues that tokens are a proxy. They really do not hold any value, and do not represent it. In general, NTF is a simple mean of exchange, and when you are purchasing one, you are buying just the token. The fundamental issue with it is that the transaction is not peer to peer. In fact, it’s separated with a different one, being done between an individual and miner. To put it in short – you’re not buying anything from another ‘user’, but rather making a transaction between your wallet and miner.

To read more about this very problematic topic, you should definitely join the Disruption Banking website, where you will find a brilliant piece by Benjamin Jenei. The author gives a really interesting and in-depth analysis of the possible dangers, and what is more important, precisely explains the nuances of how the NFTs work.

In the piece, you will also find a really compelling interview with Nick Ayton, who as an expert in the field. Through his impressive experience, he was actually able to shed some more light on some pressing issues that appear with NFTs. Ayton is currently working with Zenotta AG, the Switzerland-based company. It has an aim of establishing a sustainable electronic trading system that would be based on peer-to-peer transactions. That is where the proposal of non-fungible assets comes in. If we manage to make data intelligent and (what’s most important) unique, we’d actually be able to make it have some value. Currently, this is impossible in the token-based model. To see why, use the link and access the brilliant piece by Benjamin Jenei:

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Digital Banking Trends In 2021

The advent of COVID and the subsequent acceleration of digital transformation has caused radical changes in customer behaviour, shifted significant portions of the economy online, and increased customers’ comfort and willingness to engage digitally. The challenge now is for banks to deliver compelling, emotive digital products and services that elevate the human experience to meet the demands of this new normal.

What Is Digital Banking?

Digital banking means digitizing every aspect of banking, from front end to back end. In other words, digital banks rely on artificial intelligence to automate back-end operations, such as administration and data processing-which, in turn, reduces the pressure placed on the employees. Besides the ability to make deposits and transfers remotely, digital banks also provide customers with customized money management services and an easier way to apply for loans.

What Can We Expect?

The growing demand for digital banking services has driven numerous technological innovations within financial institutions in recent years, with artificial intelligence (AI) playing an integral part. How else will the digital banking trends of 2021 shape the banking industry?


Leading banks are placing banking automation near the top of their agenda. Banks can benefit from branch automation programs in several ways, including improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, more responsive and efficient operations, and tighter compliance and fraud detection.

Adapting to meet heightened consumer demands for more efficient ways to self-serve digitally, there has been an increase of more customers ‘setting and forgetting’ auto payments.

In addition to being able to manage their finances all in one place, customers also seem to expect banks to manage their finances for them.

Real-Time Payments

Pivotal to the advancement in the banking industry is how Real-time Payments (RTP) offer immediate availability of funds, settlement finality, instant confirmation, and integrated information flows, all in a payment made within seconds. Combining speed, data, and communication, RTP is the answer to long-standing challenges.

P2P payments are gaining traction beyond being able to instantly pay a friend or split a bill, according to a study. In addition, P2P payment solutions make spending easier to track safely and conveniently.


In every facet of their daily lives online, consumers have come to expect and crave personalized experiences, and banking is no different. Customers view companies that provide fast, easy, and personalized connectivity as caring.

Since consumers are doing their own competitive shopping online and getting their information without ever venturing into a branch or calling customer service, banks and credit unions need to ensure they are using the right technology to accommodate the new digital paradigm.

To Conclude

Despite several uncertainties about the future, the outline for how financial services will look post-COVID-19 is beginning to emerge. In the next six to twelve months, banks have the unique opportunity to reimagine their retail banking offerings in order to build trust and loyalty among customers through frictionless and emotive digital propositions. Rather than view digital as a cost-saving tool, banks should consider how they can offer banking value through digital. It will be a challenging journey to transform business models digitally because the challenges are many. The first step is deciding where to start, and then prioritizing the actions and journeys that will yield the best results. Since digital transformation is no longer optional, there is no reason not to start sooner rather than later.

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