Can a company have multiple current accounts?

    If you ever visit a bank, then you will see a wide array of counters. All the counters are available for different purposes as per the requirements of people. The banks have separate departments devoted to the needs of people and to simplify the banking experience.

    This might come as a surprise to you, but banks have different types of accounts too! Even though the savings account is most popular as it caters to you on an individual level, there is a current account too. This account is usually used for conducting business. Let’s know more about the current account.

    As mentioned above, the current account is designed for businesses. The overall needs and requirements to carry business are different from the needs and requirements of individuals. Hence, the savings account does not suffice. Current accounts offer higher transaction limits. You can deposit and withdraw money a greater number of times than an individual with a savings account.

    Let’s take a look at the features of the current account:

    First and foremost, make sure that you know that the current bank accounts are non-interest-bearing bank accounts, which means that no interest will be acquired on your money. This is because all the money you have deposited in the current account is available for you to transfer and use 24×7.

    Since the number of transactions is higher and money is readily available, there is no interest provided. This is a major differentiating factor between a savings account and a current account.

    Compared to a savings account, the minimum balance requirement of the bank is higher for current accounts. You might be penalised if the minimum account balance is not maintained in your current account.

    A person with a current account can delete and discontinue the account any time he wishes. The primary goal of a current bank account is to simplify businesses to transact smoothly. Hence, you can usually deposit any amount any number of times without any constraints. In the same way, there are no limitations on the number of withdrawals as long as you have funds. Recently many banks have started giving interest on current accounts as well.

    Can a company have multiple current accounts?             

    Due to growing fraud, RBI has proposed new guidelines.

    If the exposure of the banking system is below Rs. 5 crores for the borrowers, then there is no limitation or restriction for starting current accounts or for the requirement of CC/OD facility by banks. However, the bank must get an undertaking that the borrowers must inform the banks whenever the credit availed by them reaches the 5-crore mark.

    But for the borrowers whose exposure is beyond Rs. 5 crores, they will resume maintaining their current accounts with the same bank with whom they have availed of CC and OD facilities, given that the bank has a minimum of 10% of the exposure of their overall borrowing. Hope this answers all your questions related to having multiple current accounts in different banks.