Best Online Trading Platform for Beginners 

    Getting started for new investors can be quite overwhelming. There are so many risks involved plus the unfamiliar market jargon and multiple options of brokers to choose from. As a new investor, the best online trading platform is however the one that offers the following benefits.

    Easy Customisation

    Most of the trading platforms have their app. Trading is more convenient on the app. Your app should ideally have an easy customisation option. Such as, in Jiffy, you can change the “Theme” from Light to Dark, change the “Order Notification” sound, and “Enable Fingerprint” option to access your app easily.

    Easy Funds Check

    Easy access to funds in your trading platform helps to add funds or check the margin available for trading. In Jiffy trading app, you can go to your profile and check all the details of your “Pay-In”, “Pay-Out”, “Collateral Option” and “Account Balance” in the Funds section. Also, you can check the “Transaction History” for your trading by customizing the type of Order and Date.

    Easy Order Page

    The Order page gives a clear idea to traders about daily trading. In Jiffy, there is a clear and classified Order column for keeping account of the everyday trade. There are four sections in the Jiffy Orders section – “Pending” (orders waiting for execution), “Executed” (successful orders), “Trades” (overall orders in a day) and “Others” (orders that are rejected).

    Scrip Info & News Corner

    Before trading, it is always essential to check the basic information about the Scrip. In Jiffy, you get the following information about a scrip :

    • Volume
    • 52 Week H/L (Highs/Lows)
    • Average Traded Price
    • Delivery %
    • Circuit Range
    • Market Capitalization
    • Face Value

    Also, there is a News Corner below the Scrip, so that you can stay updated with the latest news before deciding to buy/sell the Scrip.

    Home page – Index Option

    For regular day and intraday trading, having an Index Option on the home page helps in trading. In Jiffy, you can select “Nifty”, “Sensex”, “Bank Nifty”, “Gold”, “Currency” and “Volatility Index” for easy trading.

    Multiple Watchlist

    If you have multiple Watchlists, you can define your investment or trading ideas along with actively keeping watch on the Scrips in your app. You can add Scrips from the Top Gainers and Top Losers in your Watchlist and closely monitor them for trading potential.

    Advanced Technical Charts

    Technical charts with advanced tools and features help in the proper analysis of a scrip. In Jiffy, you get upgraded charts with colour options, chart studies and drawing tools to analyse the scrip. Also, it comes with a Buy and Sell option for quick trading based on Chart Analysis.

    IPO Alerts

    It is not easy for an investor to track every IPOs getting launched in the market. Jiffy sends notifications on the app to its customers so that they can check the details of an IPO and apply for it. Also, you can check the upcoming IPOs in the Jiffy app.

    Research Calls and Reports

    For investors, market knowledge is of utmost importance for regular trading. Jiffy provides research-related calls and reports provided by the Choice Research Team for making you an informed trader.

    Dedicated Customer Support

    Most traders stop using their accounts because they lack guidance and help. When you open an online Demat and trading account with Choice, you get calls from a dedicated Relationship Manager. Also, you have Jiffy Support, which helps with quick resolution to your trading queries and problems.


    To conclude, if you want to be successful in the stock market, you have to consider the platform that you choose for trading. The Jiffy web and app is designed for users in such a way to give users an easy and fast trading experience along with the knowledge required for successful trading. Download the Jiffy app now.

    Brief by Milind – Write about Jiffy App and Web.