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Advantages Of Using Technical Indicators to Improve Forex Trading Performance

Trading is a field of forex that has been studied extensively. One of the most certain facts about trading is that no prediction is ever totally certain. Forex trading is no different. Yet, with the help of some tools, it is possible to improve your trading performance.

What are Indicators and Analysers?

Technical indicators and analyzers are software tools used by forex traders to make informed decisions when buying and selling currencies. They improve performance in forex trading by providing traders with actionable data. In addition, they can use that data to create unique strategies with higher chances of success.

Benefits of Trading Tools

One benefit of using technical indicators is that they can help traders identify trends. For example, a moving average indicator shows the average price of a currency over a given period. This is a useful tool that can help traders determine the market’s overall direction so they can place bets accordingly.

Technical indicators can also be used to set entry and exit points for trades. A trader might test the market to determine an asset’s current and forecast state. This might be when a currency is overbought or oversold. These data points can subsequently be used to start entering or exiting trades automatically.

Another benefit of technical indicators is that they can help traders track market conditions. For example, a trader might use a volatility indicator to measure market fluctuations and adjust their trading strategy accordingly.

Where to Find the Right Trading Tools

Especially for beginners, technical analysis tools such as Finansya analyzers are indispensable. They can improve the accuracy and efficiency of a trader’s investments. These tools can help traders make more informed decisions by providing valuable insights into the market. Of course, it is important to note that technical indicators are not the only analysis techniques. Such techniques include research efforts into fundamental analysis and market news.


A novice trader will benefit from informed insights to get a complete picture of the market. No single indicator is the perfect tool, and traders should be careful not to rely too heavily on any one tool.

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An EMI calculator for future planning

Home is an important part of most youngsters’ financial security because it is something that you can call your own. It is a place that most of us look forward to & many middle class Indians dream about having a home. Homes are getting expensive day by day owing to the increasing prices of the raw materials & the amount of taxes & compliance that one has to go through when buying a home. If you are worried about your pocket strength & not having the direct cash to pay for the home of your dreams, make use of the SBI Home Loan.

Here are some quick points that you need to know about the SBI Home Loan & the SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator:

  1. The eligibility criteria requires an individual to be between the age range of 21 & 70 years. He or she needs to maintain & have a credit score of over 650. A credit score is a rating that credit providers give you in order to judge the repayment ability of the loans that you borrow.
  2. Individuals who are employed or are self-employed can apply for the home loan. However, a minimum income is required for the same. The income is about 25000 rupees per month. For individuals who are salaried employees, a minimum experience of 2 years is needed & for self-employed folks it’s 5 years to indicate a sense of stability.

What is a SBI Home Loan EMI calculator & how can you use the SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator for future planning:

  1. The SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator is a basic application that allows you to get an estimate of what your EMI will look like during your home loan tenure. It is based on the factors of the rate of interest that you would be charged during the tenure of the loan, the tenure i.e. the duration for which you would be repaying the home loan that you have borrowed & the principal amount, which is the amount that you have borrowed for the home loan.
  2. Let us come to the part that talks about how one can make use of SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator for future planning. Future planning in this case covers only those individuals who are going to be opting for the usage of a home loan or checking the potential EMI using the SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator.

Financial or future planning includes planning out an “x” years plan. This will give you a runway of how to go about making certain expenses. The expenses that you make during the course of your routine may include certain expenses that are not necessary. These expenses can be a part of expenses that are not essential or are made once in a while, however, their regularity affects your ability to save the precious funds that you need.

With the right planning, you can pay for EMIs, plan savings for your family & invest for their future along with living the life you want & desire.

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Marwan Kheireddine Explains Why Bankrupting Banks is a Bad Idea and Floats Crypto as a Possible Solution 

AM Bank Chairman Marwan Kheireddine has acknowledged the challenges currently facing Lebanon, including the calls from some activists for the bankruptcy of local banks due to blocking their deposits. However, Kheireddine disagrees with this approach. He points out that in Lebanon, like in other developed countries such as the United States, there is a deposit guarantee institution owned by the state that protects depositors up to 75 million Lebanese pounds, equivalent to around $3,000. Therefore, if the banks were to be bankrupted, the liquidation process would prevent them from being able to repay the deposits at their fair value, ultimately hurting the depositors. Said Marwan Kheireddine, “I am completely against bankrupting banks. Depositors, in the long-term, need to be assured that they will get more of their deposits, and not less.” Marwan Kheireddine emphasizes that he is against bankrupting banks because it is necessary to ensure that depositors receive as much of their deposits as possible in the long run.

Food Insecurity is Another Factor in Lebanon’s Recent Struggles

In addition to these financial struggles, Lebanon is facing food insecurity and rising oil and food costs due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Lebanon imports around 85% of its consumable goods and has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine crisis, leading to shortages and increased prices. Marwan Kheireddine says, “The Ukraine situation has increased prices in Lebanon significantly. Food prices have gone up. Energy prices have gone up. When you add that up with worldwide shortages and higher demand, plus how much of Lebanon’s products are imported, it’s a bad situation.”

According to a UNICEF survey, four in ten Lebanese youth have used funds meant for education to purchase necessities, and three in ten have had to stop their education altogether. A UNICEF Lebanese representative released a press release saying that the youth of Lebanon are tough to hit. “More funding is necessary to make sure that money worries don’t hinder our youth from getting the education and skills that are necessary to find gainful employment and to be able to contribute to the growth and financial security of Lebanon’s future,” said Ettie Higgins.

News outlet Al Jazeera reported that almost 80% of Lebanon’s citizens have to live below poverty levels. Some are surviving on minimal rations like tea and bread. However, locals are trying to repair the situation by fixing shattered infrastructure and breathing new life into Lebanese industries.

Cryptocurrency as a Possible Solution

Marwan Kheireddine believes that cryptocurrency could potentially improve Lebanon’s economic situation, but only if the country’s economy opens up to the world and its government is no longer in default. Currently, Lebanon’s economy is closed off, and there are restrictions on the movement of funds through the financial system, hindering the use of cryptocurrency on a broader scale. Nevertheless, says Kheireddine, “There’s a role that crypto could play in Lebanon, and the Lebanese people have always been leaders and early adaptors of technology. But unless Lebanon’s economy opens up, it will be hard for crypto to have a chance here.”

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How To Get 1 Year Disney+Hotstar Subscription Free With Vi Postpaid Plans?

In the earlier days, you might have opted for Vodafone or Idea postpaid, now known as Vi postpaid, for the sheer ease of making your Idea or Vodafone bill payment, now combined as your Vi bill payment. But that’s not the case today, each of the Vi postpaid plans offered comes with a set of perks that might interest you.

One such perk that comes along with certain select Vi postpaid plans is the complimentary 1 Year Disney+Hotstar Subscription. Now, if you need a complete Premium Subscription, you’ll directly have to go to the Disney+Hotstar platform. However, if a 1-year Mobile Subscription or 1-year Super Subscription is enough for you, simply go for a Vi postpaid plan that suits your needs.

You can easily make your Vodafone bill payment, now known as your Vi postpaid bill payment, after using the services including your Disney+Hotstar subscriptions. But before that, let’s take a look at all the postpaid plans that offer complimentary Disney+Hotstar subscriptions:

Vi Postpaid Plans For Free Disney+Hotstar Subscription
Cost Per Month Data All India Calls SMS Additional Benefits
₹501 90GB Truly Unlimited 3000/Month 6 month Amazon Prime subscription.
1-year Disney+Hotstar Mobile subscription worth ₹499.
Vi Movies & TV VIP Access and 6-month ad-free access to Hungama music in the Vi App for all members.
ZEE5 Premium Movies, Originals and TV Shows on Vi Movies & TV app.
Binge from 12 am to 6 am for free.
200 GB data rollover for all members.
₹701 Unlimited Data Truly Unlimited 3000/Month 6 month Amazon Prime subscription.
Disney+Hotstar 1-year Super subscription worth ₹899.
Vi Movies & TV VIP Access along with 6-month ad-free access to Hungama music and ZEE5 Premium Movies, Originals and TV Shows on Vi Movies & TV app.
1 Year of full digital access to Wall Street Journal at no extra cost (coming soon).
₹1101 (REDX*) Unlimited Data Truly Unlimited 3000/Month All of the above plus:

12-month SonyLiv Premium subscription worth ₹999.
Access to International & Domestic airport lounges upto 4 times per year.
7 days International roaming pack worth ₹2999.
6-10% discount on booking via MakeMyTrip, upto Rs 2000 off on flights and Rs 5000 off on hotels.

₹999 for 3 Connections 220GB (140+40+40) Truly Unlimited 3000/Month Free 6-month Amazon Prime subscription for the primary member.
Disney+Hotstar 1-year Mobile Subscription worth ₹499 for the primary member.
Vi Movies & TV VIP Access, with 6-month ad-free access to Hungama music in the Vi App, and ZEE5 Premium Content on Vi Movies & TV app for all members.
200 GB data rollover for all members.
₹1149 for 5 Connections 300GB (140+40+
Truly Unlimited 3000/Month

*The REDX plan priced at ₹1101 comes with a lock-in of 6 months. If you change your plan to any other Postpaid plan or port out of Vi or migrate to Prepaid within 6 months of activating the REDX plan, you will be charged a one-time exit fee of ₹3000.

Hence, figure out your requirements and choose your Vi postpaid plan wisely. And if you’re not someone who wants to go for postpaid, you can get similar complimentary subscriptions to Disney+Hotstar by doing your Vi recharge online as well.

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What must investors know about high-risk mutual funds?

There are various types of mutual funds available with various risk levels. These include equity funds like large cap, multi-cap, balanced fund also known as hybrid funds, debt funds like liquid funds etc. Mutual fund types that may fall into the high-risk mutual fund category include small cap, mid cap, etc.

While these mutual funds carry risks, they come with high return potential. As a retail investor, it is crucial to know which top high-risk mutual funds may be your best bet per your investment profile to generate higher returns.

To choose an appropriate high-risk, high-return mutual fund, check its previous performance to ensure it is still performing according to your risk appetite and financial goal requirement.

Features of high-risk mutual funds

High-risk mutual funds are volatile but can deliver high returns. Thus, they are best suited for you if you are willing to take an increased risk. Opting for the best high-risk mutual funds may allow you to yield market and inflating beating returns.

If you have opted for the dividend option instead of growth, you may even get a higher dividend on your mutual fund units. You can use such high-risk mutual funds to gain the benefit of portfolio diversification. Several high-risk funds provide sectoral exposure permitting you to put your funds in sectors expecting higher growth over time. Via such funds, you can even invest in upcoming sectors or new markets like e-commerce or renewable energy.

Thus, high-risk funds allow you to invest in organizations and companies projecting high growth. However, it also means that as such corporations are less steady than big corporations and are vulnerable to market fluctuation, your final returns could be negatively impacted if the corporation performs poorly.

Therefore, you can invest in such funds if you hold a high-risk appetite. If you are risk-averse and remain concerned about protecting your initial investment, you must not invest in such high-risk mutual funds.

Taxation on high-risk funds

As high-risk funds invest in equities, capital gains are taxed according to capital gain tax rates. If the holdings in high-risk equity funds are sold within one year, a 15% STCG (short-term capital gain) tax is levied. If the investment tenure is over a year, the applied LTCG (long-term capital gain) tax rate is 10% on gains of more than Rs 1 lakh.

Who should invest in high-risk mutual funds?

High-risk mutual funds are best for you if you can face risk and have the goal of benefiting from higher growth potential. If you are a long-term investor with a slightly higher risk potential and previous experience in handling market volatility, you can also opt for high-risk funds.

High-risk mutual funds are a perfect choice if you can absorb the short-term volatility and patiently remain invested over a longer time horizon of five years and above.

Just like any investment option, high-risk funds come with a set of benefits and drawbacks. Such funds are prudent if you have market experience and want to stay invested in the market for long. Also, to select the best high-risk mutual fund per your preference, you must conduct in-depth market research.

Once you invest, you must periodically check the fund’s performance with its peer funds and benchmark indices. If your investment underperforms for three years, consider redeeming your investment to invest in better-performing, high-risk, high-return mutual funds.

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How to Maximize Your Savings as a Senior Citizen with the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

As a senior citizen, you have several options available to you when it comes to saving for retirement. One option is the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, which offers several benefits and can help you maximize your savings. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is and how it works, as well as some tips on how to make the most of it.

The SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.

The SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is a special savings scheme for senior citizens aged 60 years and above. The scheme offers several benefits such as higher interest rates, income tax benefits, and relaxed KYC norms Digital Seva Portal.

How does the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme work?

Investors can open an account under the scheme with a minimum deposit of Rs. 1000 and a maximum deposit of Rs. 15 lakhs. The deposits made under the scheme are eligible for income tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. The interest earned on the deposits is taxable as per the investor’s applicable slab rate.

What are the benefits of the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme?

The main benefit of the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is that it offers higher interest rates to senior citizens as compared to other bank schemes. This makes it an attractive option for senior citizens who are looking to maximize their savings. The scheme also offers income tax benefits and relaxed KYC norms, which make it more convenient for senior citizens to invest in this scheme.

How to Maximize Your Savings as a Senior Citizen with the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.

The earlier you start investing, the more time your money has to grow. If you start investing at age 50, you will have 20 years until you reach age 70, when the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme matures. If you start investing at age 60, you will have 10 years until maturity. The longer your investment has to grow, the more money you will have when it matures.

Invest a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh per annum.

To maximize your savings under the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, you should invest a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh per annum. This amount is necessary to take advantage of the higher interest rate offered on investments over Rs. 1 lakh. It is also important to remember that you can only make one withdrawal per year from your account, so it is important to make sure that your initial investment is enough to cover your expenses for the entire year.

Invest for the long term.

The SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is designed for long-term investment, so it is important to plan accordingly. You should only withdraw money from your account when absolutely necessary, as this will reduce the amount of interest you earn on your investment over time. When making withdrawals, be sure to take into account any taxes or penalties that may apply.

Diversify your investments.

Diversifying your investments is always a good idea, and this is especially true with the SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme. By investing in other types of accounts, such as fixed deposit accounts or mutual funds, you can minimize risk and maximize returns. This will help ensure that you have enough money saved for retirement and other expenses later in life.


The SBI Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is a great way for senior citizens to maximize their savings. By investing early and often, investing a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh per annum, and investing for the long term, senior citizens can make the most of this scheme and secure their financial future.

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Personal Loan or Used Car Loan: Which Is Better for You?

Having a car is an absolute necessity in many parts of India where public transport is not at par with the modern transport facilities. However, it is also a reality that affording the dream car in India does not come easy. With a steep inflation and unstable economy, many people are cutting down on their luxury aspirations and settling for smarter solutions. This has resulted in a high demand for second hand cars in the Indian market. With many authorized dealers stepping into the used car sector, and offering features as good as a new one, there is a boom in the second hand car market. Today, you can easily buy the car of your dreams at a much lower price from a used car dealer and with money loan apps, affording a second hand car has become easier than ever.

You just have to install the best money loan app and apply for an online loan through the app. The loan process is simple, the documentation is minimal and the loan is processed in a matter of hours. But when it comes to buying a second hand car, many people get confused whether to opt for a personal loan or a used car loan.

Personal loan or a used car loan

  • Personal loan gives you full ownership of the car

When you buy a car on a used car loan, you do not get the ownership of the car outright, whereas if you take a personal loan, you will actually buy the car. This is because a used car loan is a secured loan and a personal loan is an unsecured loan. Going for a personal loan gives you the freedom of selling the car at any moment if you are not satisfied or if you want an upgrade.

  • Personal loan is simple and costs less

When you buy a used car with a car loan, there is the whole extra charges and process related to hypothecation in the registration of the new vehicle. Hypothecation by a lender allows them a kind of pseudo-ownership over the vehicle. The same is also mentioned in the vehicle registration certificate by the RTO when it is transferred in your name. When the loan is paid off, you will have to go to the RTO office and apply to get the hypothecation removed from the registration certificate.  You may also need to do the same with other vehicle documentation as well in some cases. However, if you take an online loan and buy the car with the loan money, there is not hypothecation mentioned in the car RC and there is no need to remove the same either.

  • Personal loan is simplified

Third factor you must understand is that getting a used car loan is a complicated process. In fact, the formalities to buy a used car through a used car loan are same as that of a new car. You will have to undergo the same documentation and hassles and what’s more the interest rate on used car loan is also higher than a new car loan. On the other hand, if you are taking a personal loan to buy a used car, you will not be charged as high interest rates and paperwork is much simpler than the used car route.

  • Personal loan is quick

The time taken to apply for a used car loan is much longer than a personal loan. When you apply for an used car loan, the documentation has to be done manually and some lenders may even require car valuation by their authorised valuers. This makes the process slow and vulnerable to human error. Moreover, if the valuer undervalues the used car, they lender will only give you a smaller loan amount which might not be enough to buy the car. Instead, if you take a personal loan, you do not have to deal with the loan hassle. Personal loan can be obtained from a money loan app in a matter of minutes and since there is no valuation involved, you can get a loan of your preferred or required amount.

  • Personal loans are easy to settle

Finally, if for any reason you need to sell off the used car, it can be very complicated with a used car loan. Pay off the loan first and get NOC, only then can you transfer the car ownership. A used car purchased with personal loan can be sold off immediately. Sell the car to a buyer; pay off whatever amount remains of the personal loan and you can use the rest of the money for your own requirements.


With the increased demand for financing, the loan market is ripe with different types of loan products. As such, it becomes your responsibility to research these different loans available in the market and go for the one that best suits your requirements. Though now you know the benefits of a personal loan over a used car loan, make sure to check your eligibility and credit score before applying for the loan.

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MbenzGram (MBGRAM) Presents: 5 Types Of Exhausts Systems

A picture of an exhaust similar to the ones that MbenzGram (MBGRAM) has on their website

An exhaust system is used to collect exhaust gasses and carry them away. It’s also responsible for reducing noise levels in a car, improving fuel consumption, and enhancing engine performance. The exhaust system affects the overall performance of a car. 

An exhaust manifold collects exhaust gasses from the cylinder head connected to the car engine. Although all exhaust systems work the same, there are different types, and they work differently depending on the type of car or engine. This article will discuss five types of exhaust systems, what each of them does, and their pros and cons. 

Single Exit Pipe

Single exit pipe is the most common type of exhaust system. Just as the name suggests, it uses a single pipe to carry away exhaust gasses from a vehicle. The tailpipe is located on the passenger side of a car.  One of the advantages of a single exit pipe is that it is lightweight. 

Moreover, it’s less costly and cheap to manufacture and install. It is readily available and is easier to replace or modify. On the downside, it’s not fuel efficient compared with others. 

A single exit pipe does not improve car performance. Small cars can work well with single exit pipes.

Dual Rear Exit

The dual rear exit exhaust system has two exit points. Its ability to suck out more exhaust gasses at a faster rate makes a car engine breathe better, thus making combustion more complete. This creates more horsepower, which in turn makes the engine more powerful, thus, giving you better car performance. Furthermore, it makes a car look sporty. 

On the downside, a dual rear exit exhaust system is more expensive than a single exit pipe because it requires an extra pipe. It has a shorter lifespan because some moisture condenses in the exhaust, thus causing it to rust faster. This means that one will need to replace it sooner compared to a single exit pipe. 

The dual rear exit is characterized by a deep throaty sound. While the deep sound may appeal to some people, others may find it disturbing. Vehicles with large or turbocharged engines can use this type of exhaust system. It’s also suitable for those who want their cars to look sporty. 

Dual Side Exhaust

Just as the name suggests, a dual-side exhaust consists of two pipes next to each other on either side. It can expel exhaust gasses faster and more efficiently compared to single-exit pipes. 

As a result, cars with this type of exhaust system perform better. That said, they are more expensive to buy, install or replace. They are more prone to rust than single-exit pipes because they do not get a lot of warmth. 

This makes moisture condense inside them, thus becoming rusty. Dual-side exhausts are suitable for powerful vehicles with a large engine or turbocharged engine. Using this type of exhaust system on small cars may be of little benefit. 

Opposite Dual Exhaust

MbenzGram, also known as MBGRAM, sales specialists note that opposite dual exhausts have two separate pipes exiting out from behind car tires. The pipes are relatively longer and bent around the wheels to improve the filtering process. 

Opposite dual exhausts are suitable for large vehicles such as trucks because they have a lot of weight and need a lot of power. One of the main advantages is that the pipes exit downwards, which makes them not block air intake grilles. However, they can be expensive to purchase, install, and maintain. 

High-Performance Exhausts

High-performance exhausts are usually fitted to a car aftermarket. They are custom-designed to fit a specific vehicle make or model and are offered to people who may want to customize their cars to increase performance. 

These exhausts are more efficient in filtering out gasses, thus maintaining optimal air levels. They can significantly increase the efficiency and performance of a car. It can also be modified to produce different sounds. The aftermarket parts may be of better quality and long-lasting.  

On the downside, it can be more expensive to custom-design.  There are also many things that need to be considered, such as construction and configuration. For instance, there might be little need to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system if it is going to rust soon or if there will be a need to tweak it in order to make it fit. 

There might be little need to consider this option if the aftermarket does not add torque and horsepower. Higher-performance exhausts are suitable for small cars or SUV owners who want to add style to their cars. 

How MbenzGram (MBGRAM) Help Their Clients Find the Right Exhaust Systems

A picture of an exhaust system similar to the ones from MbenzGram (MBGRAM)

MbenzGram (MBGRAM) sales team helps their customers make the right choices of exhaust systems. They have been in the industry for a long and understand the nuts and bolts of the automotive industry. MbenzGram will advise on the exhaust system’s suitability depending on the car’s model. 

According to MbenzGram (MBGRAM), many factors must be considered when buying an exhaust system, including sound quality, quality of steel, pipe diameter, configuration, sound level, and crossover. Depending on what the client is looking for, MbenzGram (MBGRAM) will do its best to ensure its clients are satisfied. If a customer wants an aftermarket exhaust system, they know that power, sound, ease of installation, and flexibility are major factors to consider.

How MbenzGram (MBGRAM) Sell their Car Parts

MbenzGram (MBGRAM) has all types of car parts, and customers can shop online. All customers have to do is visit their website and make inquiries online. They have a robust website where customers can specify the car’s make and model, including the year of make and the car parts that will pop up. 

Once a client specifies the car’s make, they are directed to the car parts pages, and customers can place an order online depending on what they are looking for. They also have good customer care services in case you are stuck in the process of placing orders.

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What Is A Lumpsum Calculator & How To Use Lumpsum Calculator?

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investments and lump sum investments are the primary categories under which mutual fund investments fall. Although SIPs have gained much popularity over the years, beginning investors might still need to understand lumpsum investing fundamentals fully.

In contrast to a systematic investment plan (SIP), a lumpsum investment is when an investor makes a one-time, independent investment in a specific programme.

What is a lumpsum calculator?

An online tool called a lumpsum calculator can assess the value of your lump sum mutual fund investment. You can quickly use this method to determine the value of your investment. You will usually be prompted to enter an investment amount, the investment length in years, and the estimated annual rate of return when using an online mutual fund lumpsum calculator.

Using the lumpsum investment calculator, you can determine the anticipated value of your mutual fund investments after the investment period. You can use this to determine whether your lumpsum investment will help you reach your financial objectives.

How does Lumpsum Calculator work?

This calculator allows investors to assess the expected returns on their lump sum investments. Thus, a potential investor can determine whether or not their financial goal will be met by the investment option they have chosen at the finish of the investment term.

The following are some advantages of utilising a lump sum calculator:

  • You get the anticipated return for the entire investment time from it. To get a close approximation, you must include information on the investment amount, the estimated rate of return, and duration (1 year, 3 years, etc.).
  • Once investors have a projected concept of the maturity value of their investment, it helps them plan and manages their finances more effectively (s).
  • Using a lumpsum calculator helps you eliminate human error and saves time wasted performing manual calculations.
  • Even inexperienced investors may use a lump sum rate of return calculator with comfort because it is effortless and convenient.
  • It should be noted that as investments in mutual funds are exposed to market risks, the returns cannot be precisely predicted.

Lump-sum The future value principle underlies how calculators operate. The lumpsum calculator provides the investment’s future worth at a specific interest rate. You must apply the following calculation:

FV = PV(r + 1)n

Future Value (FV)

Present Value (PV)

n = Number of years

n = Number of years

For instance, let’s say you made a lump sum investment of Rs. 1,000,000 in a 20-year mutual fund plan. You can anticipate a 10% return on your investment.

The future value of the investment can be calculated as follows: FV = 1,00,000(1+0.1)20

FV = Rs 6,72,750.

Your initial investment of Rs. 100,000 has risen to Rs. 6,72,750.

The increase in wealth is Rs 6,72,750 – Rs 1,00,000 = Rs 5,72,750.


An investor can invest a lump sum in an MF programme. An investor chooses this investment options if they have received a lump sum of money from selling some asset.

Large sums of money invested at once can be dangerous and lock up your funds; an early withdrawal might result in exit load fees and penalties. As a result, an investor needs to reconsider all the factors before investing.

This option was typically chosen by the investor with a lump sum of money and ultimately wishes to invest in mutual funds with an emphasis on equities. When the market is favourable for an investor to invest in equities, the lump sum is systematically transferred from debt mutual funds to equity mutual funds.

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Various Methods to Look for a Checking Account That Pays Interest

Read this post if you are interested in learning how to select the best checking account that offers interest to you and also to know the pros of checking accounts. Finding checking accounts that pay interest may be done through various channels and methods.

Increasing the amount of money you have in the bank by earning a higher interest rate on your checking accounts is one way to do this. After finishing this post, you will better understand how to choose a checking account that offers a high-interest rate, which will enable you to accumulate more interest within your account.

Consider using an online bank, if you haven’t already

When searching for checking accounts that pay interest, the first step you need to do is to select whether you will save your money in a traditional bank or an online bank. You may locate checking accounts that pay interest by going online or to a traditional bank.

Determine the amount of money that is currently in your bank account. After then, think about the choices you have. You will also need to assess whether or not your current balance has met the needed minimum amount for your bank account.

Have you reached a point when your balance is below its minimum? After then, you are obligated to make payments toward the interest.

Consider doing your shopping in the surrounding area

The following step that you need to take is to look for an account of this sort in your immediate area. Doing your banking close to home might help you evaluate each institution. You can also use it to determine if you will create a bank account with a financial institution in your local region or with an online bank.

You may utilize the internet to search for a list of prerequisites and prices online while you are shopping around for the account that is most suited to your needs. As a direct consequence, you will not have any trouble understanding any of the critical information pertaining to your account. Time is saved as a result of completing this step.

Review your new interest-bearing account

Examine all there is to examine in your brand-new account that accrues interest. Check to see if the features you want are included in that account.

If you have an account online, you should look into whether or not it supports direct deposit, paper checks, debit cards, or free service at ATMs. You should most certainly use an account of this sort that the FDIC guarantees. Your account will remain protected and secure as a result of this action.

Also, check to see if pay checks are included with your account or if you have to pay for them separately.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, locating checking accounts that pay interest on deposits is simple. You only need to be aware of what to look for, and you will be able to do whatever you want.

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