5 things to know before you get a DTH connection

    DTH only entered the Indian market a little over a decade ago, but it has managed to shift the norms of television viewing in the country in that period.

    In today’s world, India has around 5 DTH operators, but with so many different deals on the market, even that is too much for a new DTH customer.

    Things can get a little overwhelming with all the different payment partner choices that offer you a link at a discounted rate.

    It’s best to do your homework before being enticed by tempting deals to get the most out of a DTH connection.

    Below are five things you must know about a DTH connection in India.

    • Set-Top Box

    The quality of channels you will be able to view is largely determined by your set-top box.

    However, the type of set-top box you should choose is determined by the type of television you have.

    Choose a Standard Definition box if you have a tube TV.

    If your television supports 4k resolution, get a 4k DTH connection.

    Choose a High Definition box if you have an LCD or LED TV.

    Also, keep an eye on the warranty. Most operators give a warranty of one year on the set-top box itself.

    • To Buy or Rent?

    If you need a connection for a short time or don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying and maintaining a set-top box, you can rent one from your operator. A few dth operators, such as Sun Direct DTH, have actively recognized this issue and offer more affordable options for renting out a box on both a long and short term basis. (1)

    • Packages, and their Pricing

    The majority of people compare the initial cost of STB when deciding whether or not to purchase a DTH connection.

    What you should think about are the two points listed below.

    • The package that includes all of the channels you want to watch.
    • The monthly cost of that package.

    DTH operators offer basic packages starting at INR 99 and going up to INR 800.

    Some operators, such as Sun Direct DTH, even provide basic plans for 49/month for 148 channels, and even free basic packages, that include all Sun channels. So, you can get the Sun Direct recharge done accordingly.

    • Services

     As a DTH subscriber, you will need customer service assistance regularly for issues ranging from account issues to set-top box realignment.

    Nobody loves being on hold for hours, do they?

    The best way to assess how good a service is to keep track of how quickly they respond to your inquiry.

    • Lastly, Payment

    You can still pay each installment in cash the old-fashioned way. You can also your DTH recharge through reputable online platforms such as Airtel Payments Bank.

    We’ve double-checked everything. Online payment is safe and convenient because you can get cash back’s and special deals for each transaction.