5 Benefits of Using a Mobile Banking App

    The development of mobile applications has transformed the way the banking industry operates today. A mobile banking app is good enough to offer important benefits such as:

    1. Access your bank accounts on a single platform

    There are only a few banking apps that enable you to access multiple savings accounts on their platform, and manage them by transferring money from one account to another or making payments. The user-friendly tools on the app offer an option, which may be something similar to ‘transfers’. To link external bank accounts, you are required to add a new account by selecting the option and providing essential bank information. After the verification, you can have the link validated, and use it to access your account to make payments and check the balance.

    1. Manage your finance

    An online banking app can help build trust by customizing services to the customers’ needs. It helps them with unique money-saving tools that can take care of their financial future. The ‘invest’ option offers you to make investments in mutual funds, either in equity funds or debt funds. It gives you a range of direct investment options like small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, index, thematic and multi-cap equity funds. Other than the debt mutual funds, which include short-term, liquid, income and dynamic bond funds, you can also invest in hybrid mutual funds through a systematic investment plan (SIP).

    The app also facilitates stock trading through a 3-in-1 account of savings, Demat and trading account. You can invest in currency, equity and commodities using this account. The other investment options are depositing your money in fixed or recurring account for a fixed interest rate.

    1. Make Bill Payments

    One among the few easiest ways of making payments is through a mobile bank application. The adoption of QR codes for quick payments has led to its widespread usage by several people. With an online banking app, you can pay your credit card bills instantly by using a BHIM app or UPI-enabled app. You have to just enter the credit card details and the specific amount in the ‘Payments’ option, open the UPI-enabled app, scan the code and make the payment.

    Making a bank credit card payment through the UPI QR code is highly secured and reliable for there is hardly any chance for error.

    1. Avail Instant Personal loans

    Mobile applications have eased the personal loan process with minimal documentation. The option ‘Loans’ helps you to choose any types of loans from personal to motor vehicles, smart devices and household items. The application process is simple by providing personal details and uploading supporting documents. Instant personal loans are offered at a lower interest rate in a few hours, without any collateral security. However, you should have a good credit history.

    1. Quick and Timely Support

    The use of mobile banking apps has helped improve customer relationships for most banks. The use of AI-powered chatbot in the app facilitates the user by having quick and timely assistance anytime. The smart features such as push notifications and alerts remind customers or bring to their notice unusual account activity or low balance, which trigger an action.