April 2023


8 Challenges That Can Be Solved By Making Tax Digital For Business

The digitalization of tax systems has been a long-awaited reform that can revolutionize the way businesses manage their taxes. With the advent of new technologies, governments worldwide are taking initiatives to modernize their tax systems to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the tax collection process.

One such reform is the “Making Tax Digital” program introduced by the UK government in 2019. Making Tax Digital for Business is an initiative that requires businesses to keep digital records and submit tax returns using compatible software.

The aim of this article is to highlight the challenges faced by businesses in managing their tax obligations and how Making Tax Digital can help overcome these challenges.

Challenges That Can Be Solved By Making Tax Digital For Business:

  1. Inaccurate Tax Returns

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is the accuracy of tax returns. Manual data entry can lead to errors, which can result in penalties and additional costs. Making Tax Digital for Business requires businesses to keep digital records, which can be easily integrated with accounting software, making it easier to identify and correct errors.

  1. Time-Consuming Process

The process of preparing and submitting tax returns can be time-consuming, particularly for businesses with multiple sources of income. Making Tax Digital for Business can help streamline the tax return process by providing a digital platform that integrates with accounting software, reducing the time and effort required to complete the tax returns.

  1. Late Filing Penalties

Late filing of tax returns can result in substantial penalties and additional costs for businesses. Making Tax Digital for Business requires businesses to submit their tax returns digitally, making it easier to meet the filing deadlines and avoid penalties.

  1. Lack of Real-Time Information

The traditional tax system provides businesses with limited access to real-time information about their tax obligations. Making Tax Digital for Business provides businesses with real-time information about their tax liabilities, helping them to plan and budget accordingly.

  1. Difficulty in Tax Planning

Managing tax obligations can be challenging, particularly for small businesses with limited resources. Making Tax Digital for Business provides businesses with accurate and up-to-date information about their tax liabilities, enabling them to plan and budget more effectively.

  1. Keeping up with Changing Regulations

Tax regulations are constantly changing, making it difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest requirements. Making Tax Digital for Business provides businesses with a digital platform that is updated regularly to reflect the latest changes in tax regulations, ensuring that businesses remain compliant.

  1. Difficulty in Communication with HMRC

Communication with HMRC can be difficult, particularly for businesses that are not familiar with the tax system. Making Tax Digital for Business provides businesses with a digital platform that facilitates communication with HMRC, making it easier to resolve issues and clarify any uncertainties.

  1. Increased Security of Tax Information

With the traditional tax system, there is always a risk of losing important tax documents or sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Making Tax Digital for Business provides businesses with a secure digital platform that encrypts data, reducing the risk of security breaches and unauthorized access to tax information. This ensures the protection of confidential information, giving businesses peace of mind when managing their taxes.


In conclusion, Making Tax Digital for Business is a welcome reform that can help overcome the challenges faced by businesses in managing their tax obligations. The benefits of digitalization include improved accuracy, reduced time and effort, real-time information, easier tax planning, and compliance with changing regulations. It is recommended that businesses take advantage of this reform by adopting compatible software and keeping digital records to streamline their tax return process and avoid penalties.

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Up to date review of MENA broker ADSS’ trading resources

ADSS is an experienced forex and CFD broker that is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Offering thousands of instruments for trading, it provides its clientele with access to global markets, and the company itself operates around the world, with locations in Hong Kong and the UK. In the MENA region, ADSS is one of the biggest forex brokers and it has a solid reputation among traders.

This is an ADSS broker review. In it, we will look at the trading resources the broker offers, such as the educational content they provide, as well as the market research and analysis on their website. We will also look at how they present price charts, language capabilities, and the information packs the broker provides its traders. Without further ado, let us get started.

Background on ADSS

To begin, ADSS was founded in 2011. The broker works with the MetaTrader platform to provide its traders with services such as retail, professional, and institutional trading on MT4. ADSS also has partnership programmes, whereby their clientele can take on clients of their own and manage several portfolios at the same time. The partnership programme also comes with rewards and rebates for traders who can refer friends and others.

ADSS offers a wide range of products available for trading. This includes forex, commodities, equities, and indices. Traders can place trades directly in some markets (such as the forex market). They can also purchase CFD contracts or spread bet. Some of the instruments on offer include major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, popular indices such as the US 30, the US 500, the DAX 30, and the Nikkei 225. There are also individual stocks traders can purchase CFDs on, as well as commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil available.

Trading resources available from ADSS

Having sufficient trading resources available from a broker is a great way to help traders make an informed decision when it comes to figuring out how to best invest their funds. Therefore, before opening an account with a broker, a trader must ensure they know what research offerings a broker can give, alongside low fees, competitive spreads, and a responsive support team.

The ADSS website offers a comprehensive library of educational content, with videos and articles in English. They also offer additional trading resources such as daily market commentary across various markets globally, and they have a financial glossary in two languages for traders to clarify complex strategies and terms. Many of these resources are in English and Arabic, giving traders the option to choose between languages they are most comfortable with.

Educational content

The educational content ADSS has is housed on their website. The broker offers video courses and courses in the form of articles, and these courses become progressively difficult as traders gain knowledge and build upon their existing knowledge. Some topics covered include introductions to forex and stock trading, as well as CFD trading and spread betting. Traders who are just starting out trading will find it very helpful to access these tutorials.

Platform guides

ADSS offers plenty of information on how traders can use the MetaTraderplatform to place orders and execute trades with its MT4 tutorials. These tutorials come in the form of videos in English, and they introduce various trading signals and indicators traders can use on the platform, such as moving averages, Bollinger bands, oscillators, and the Fibnoacci retracement. There is a guide on how the MT4 terminal works, including how one can use graphics tools, set up notifications and alerts, and monitor spreads with custom indicators. Overall, ADSS has a comprehensive content library on how one can best use MT4, and it is impressive as many brokers do not offer such in-depth, informative content.

Market information

ADSS provides substantial market information on their website and on their Frequently Asked Questions page. The information includes swap rates, quotes, and tiered margins. ADSS also has market information sheets available to download on their website, as well as detailed guides on spread betting and CFD parameters, such as contract expiry dates. In addition to all of this, ADSS offers their traders a clear guide to trading with market opening and closing times and public holidays.

Analysis and research

Finally, one of the greatest things about ADSS is their analysis and research library. Content in the library is frequently updated, and articles are available in English and Arabic. The broker covers a wide variety of topics and themes, ranging from market analysis, reports, and news. New analysis and research are updated frequently, with both language versions varying minimally. This is a great way for traders to obtain information directly from their broker instead of having to search elsewhere.


ADSS is a leading broker that does, in fact, offer a variety of information and educational resources, making it a perfect place for beginner and intermediate traders to learn more and hone their skills. Advanced and professional traders can also benefit from their frequent market analysis and updates on global markets. Best of all, the website is bilingual, and traders can access most of the content in English or Arabic, with the exception of certain video tutorials.

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Discover the Best Leasing Application

Leasing is the best option for people and companies looking to acquire assets without making an outright purchase. Whether it’s a car, machinery, or land, leasing provides flexibility and cost compared to traditional finance. Leasing applications have evolved due to the development of digital technology to make leasing easier and more convenient for businesses. In this article, we’ll look closely at some of the leasing applications available currently.

Discover the Best Leasing App – List of Leasing Applications

Here are the several leasing applications you can choose to lease out any equipment, machinery, vehicle, etc.


Users may manage all of their leases using LeaseMate, a comprehensive leasing tool. A number of services are available through the application, such as document management, lease tracking, and payment reminders. Lease agreements and other papers can be uploaded by users and kept safely in the cloud. Consumers availing services can easily contact lessors using LeaseMate to ask for assistance or maintenance.


An online leasing tool called LeaseRunner makes the lease process easier for landlords and tenants. Landlords can establish and execute lease agreements on the platform, collect rent payments, and interact with renters. LeaseRunner offers a quick and easy way for renters to look for rental homes, submit applications, and make online rent payments.


For companies that lease assets like real estate, machinery, and cars, LeaseQuery is a lease accounting and administration tool. The platform provides several services, such as lease tracking, lease modification, and compliance with lease accounting. Businesses can make educated decisions and adhere to accounting standards thanks to LeaseQuery’s real-time visibility into their lease portfolio.


An end-to-end leasing program called LeaseWave offers several capabilities for managing leases from the point of origination to the point of termination. The platform includes tools for document management, automatic lease accounting, and lease modification. Moreover, LeaseWave offers solutions for handling maintenance and repair requests, lowering the possibility of equipment downtime. The program can be altered to suit certain leasing requirements and is appropriate for enterprises of all sizes.


Users of the lease analysis and management software LeaseMatrix have access to tools for assessing lease bids and monitoring lease performance. The platform provides several services, such as leasing comparison, tracking, and analysis. Users of LeaseMatrix can also access market statistics, allowing them to compare their leases to industry norms. The program can be altered to suit certain leasing requirements and is appropriate for companies of all sizes.

Specialized Leasing Company

Through Specialized Leasing Company, Consumers can access a wide range of convenient leasing options for Real Estate, Transport, Trucks, Machinery, Industry equipment, and lots more. You can go to their leasing application to connect with the leasing consultants.


Leasing programs provide a variety of features and advantages, including lease tracking, management, accounting, and analytics. There is leasing software available to streamline the procedure and offer comfort, whether you’re a business looking to manage a sizable lease portfolio or a person looking to lease a home or car. Consider features, customization possibilities, and ease of use while selecting a leasing application.

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