April 2022


How to Use a Cryptocurrency ATM Machine

Cryptocurrency ATM machines are becoming more mainstream and are starting to pop up at more and more locations. One of the questions you may have about this is where to find bitcoin ATMs near me, but before you ponder this question, one of the first questions you should be asking is how exactly you cause a cryptocurrency ATM machine. While these machines are fairly similar to traditional ATMs, they are also slightly different. Here is the information you need to know about using this type of machine.

Setting Up a Mobile or Paper Wallet

Once you are standing in front of bitcoin ATMs near me, the very first thing that you will need to do is to create a mobile or paper wallet. This wallet is either on your phone or on a piece of paper. It includes your personal information, such as your name, your ID information, and any information about any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you may already own. This wallet is where any cryptocurrency you buy is going to be placed and where any cryptocurrency you sell is going to be pulled from. It is important to know that the account does need to be created at an ATM machine and cannot be created ahead of time.

Processing a Transaction

After setting up a mobile or paper wallet, bitcoin ATMs near me will ask you to scan a QR code with your phone or input your paper information into the system. The system will then ask you if you are purchasing cryptocurrency or selling. If you are selling, the machine will ask you how much you are selling and dispense money to you. If you are buying, you will be asked to input money into the machine to cover the cost of the transaction. It is important to note that ATM machines take cash, not credit card or debit card, so come prepared.

Finishing Your Transaction

Once your transaction has been processed, you will receive a paper receipt jus like you would from a normal ATM machine. It is important that you hold on to this receipt in case there is a discrepancy with your account. Being able to show that you bought cryptocurrency that never showed up in your account can be invaluable. It is recommended that you hold on to the receipts until the transaction posts in your mobile wallet.

Now that you know how to use a cryptocurrency ATM machine, you can now figure out where bitcoin ATMs near me exist. One of the easiest ways to determine where a cryptocurrency ATM machine is located is to click on the above link and input your information. This will help you see whether any cryptocurrency ATM machines exist near you or whether any are coming soon. It is important to note that ATMs are still relatively new, and are still being placed. As such, continue checking the link if there is not an ATM located close to your current location.

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 5 BIG Reasons to Buy an Online Term Plan

The online marketplace is replacing the traditional markets in most industries and insurance is no exception. It has become easier than ever to buy insurance online with a few steps. If you are planning to buy term insurance and are wondering which way would be better, online or offline, here is a compelling case of why you should go for the online way.

Here are five reasons to purchase your term policy online-

  • It is easy to do all the research
    When you are buying insurance or any financial instrument that affects your life in the long haul, thorough research is a must. On the internet, it is easy to find all the required information related to term insurance. From which are the best term insurances in the market to understanding the basic terminologies of term insurance, you can find it all online. It is difficult to conduct the same amount of content and research offline. You can also find reviews of each type of insurance plan that you are contemplating buying, along with each term insurance plan’s benefits, features, and overall reliability.
  • Compare and choose
    The insurance sector is an ever-growing one with cut-throat competition between several insurance companies. To stay ahead of the competition, insurance companies offer lucrative term insurance benefits. You may come across several companies while carrying out your research. If you make a random choice, without comparing the different companies and their plans, you might regret your decision later. While buying a term plan, you can easily compare the different term plans online and shortlist the best one.Comparing will ensure that you do not miss out on a better plan and will instill in you more confidence about the plan you choose. Use a term insurance plan calculator to ensure that you get an estimate of the premiums payable for your desired sum assured.
  • Easy and quick process
    Once you have researched and compared, you can buy term insurance online in a few minutes. All you need to do is access the website or mobile application of the insurance company from whom you are purchasing and complete their entire process step-by-step. If you face any difficulty, most insurance companies provide an online and on-call customer care service that could guide you further. Also, for all the documents that you have to submit, you can simply upload them online. Unlike the traditional method, where one would have to take hours out of their day to visit an insurance company and buy their term plan, the online process can be completed within a few minutes.
  • Comparatively lower premiums
    If you observe the premium of a term plan of the same insurance company offering the same cover, you find that, in most cases, the premium of the online insurance plan is lower than that of an offline plan. When you buy an online term plan, it saves your money along with your time and energy as it entirely omits the involvement of an insurance agent. Also, since the entire transaction is paperless, several administrative costs are excluded too. These factors make purchasing a policy online cheaper than offline.
  • Make your own plan
    In today’s times, the customer is the king. With so many insurance companies having cut-throat competition, each company is trying their best to stand out as much as possible. Most insurance companies these days allow you to customize your term insurance plan. When you buy an online term plan, you can choose to add or remove some features and benefits. This allows you to add any rider benefits to your term plan for additional security. The customization feature allows you to have a term plan that meets your needs while also fitting in to your budget.

A term insurance policy acts as the financial cover for your loved ones in your absence. Whether you buy it online or offline, ensure that you read the fine print. Also, get an estimate of your premiums using a term insurance plan calculator. Ensure that the premium you choose is something that you can easily afford throughout the tenure of your term policy.

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All You Need to Know About a Clergy Abuse Attorney

Clergy abuse attorneys are trained to help clients oversee their legal proceedings. It is challenging for sexually assaulted victims to testify in front of strangers about their dreadful experience, meaning these lawyers will ensure these clients get justice.

Clergy abuse lawyers know sexual assault cases are hard to handle due to the lack of physical evidence. This is because they only use the victim’s words. Below we discuss all you need to know about a clergy abuse lawyer.

Qualities of a Clergy Abuse Attorney

  • Special Training

Clergy abuse lawyers should be well-versed in your state’s laws and should have certain knowledge of rules that apply in your case. These rules depend on your location and might entail laws that protect people who were sexually assaulted by familiar people.

  • Help you Get the Deserved Attention.

A clergy abuse lawyer helps their clients to get through this tough period and get the settlement they deserve in their case. This compensation can include lost wages, medical bills, and loss of future earnings.

  • Offer Legal Advice and Representation

Clergy abuse lawyers offer clients legal guidance and advice in the entire case, making things easier for the client. These lawyers also stand-in for the clients, preventing them from being interrogated by the defense.

These lawyers represent you in court well and ensure you are represented well.

  • They Tell Clients What to Expect

Clergy abuse lawyers should inform their clients what to expect in sexual assault cases. They also discuss how long the trial will last and what to expect from the court proceedings.

This makes things easier for the clients since they will prepare themselves emotionally and mentally to maneuver such cases with the least damage possible.

Things to Avoid When Picking an Attorney

Below are some mistakes you should avoid when picking an attorney.

  • Not Picking a Specialist

There are many types of attorneys, but you should not pick recklessly. Kindly pick a clergy abuse attorney over others since they have the expertise in sexual topics.

Clergy abuse attorneys are well-versed in the job since they have specialized in the sexual abuse field.

  • Not Discussing Payment Details and Fees

Legal services are charged, and the price depends on the different providers. Some lawyers have a flat rate, while others operate hourly. It will help to understand this and other extra charges before you sign a contract.

Also, peruse the contract details to shun financial surprises later. If possible, shun lawyers who charge hourly since you cannot estimate the total service cost.

  • Insufficient Research

There are certified clergy abuse attorneys today, and you cannot find them unless you research well. Worst still, you might hire an expensive attorney due to inadequate research.

It will help to visit lawyer websites to get the best professional.

Final Thoughts

Clergy abuse lawyers help clients that have been sexually assaulted, and you should research to ensure you pick the best. These lawyers are readily available online, and you can contact us for the best services.

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5 effective mutual fund investment tips for beginners

People are often lost when they start their investing journey because of their lack of knowledge in the field. Well, let us tell you, it’s not tough at all. You just need to be well read about it and must know a few tricks on how you can start. One of the main and easiest tools of investment is SIP or Systematic Investment Plan. You can invest in a mutual fund through this method wherein the investment will be made periodically which can be monthly, quarterly, or semi annually depending upon your preference. You can use a mutual fund SIP calculator to find out the returns you may incur on the investment.

Here are a few tips you must know before starting out your investment journey- 

  • Start small and early- It’s never too late to start investing. The earlier you start, the more advantages you receive. There is absolutely no need to put all your money in a Systematic Investment Plan and you have the freedom to decide the amount as well as the time period within which your investments need to be made. You just need to invest regularly so that you are able to generate appropriate returns.
  • Choose wisely- You have to select the best mutual fund plan to get the best returns. There’s no other way around it. Don’t make your choice based on internet reviews and ratings. Try understanding the minor details of the scheme and learn about it. The best mutual fund scheme can be selected based on its performance, rate of returns, subjective parameters such as the reputation of the fund manager, AUM of fund schemes, how the scheme will perform under stressful periods, etc.
  • Long term goal- SIPs are best suited for long term investment. If you’re planning to withdraw your returns within a few years only, don’t go for SIPs. The minimum period for a SIP investment should be 6 or 7 years. This is because the returns that are generated through the investment get collected until the maturity period and thus help you with a proper amount to accomplish your long term goals. Before making the investment, use a SIP calculator to get an idea of what your returns will look like.
  • Don’t rush into withdrawal- Looking at the down market condition, you may think of withdrawing your investment. Well, this is one of the mistakes that most beginners make. Don’t withdraw your amount, as it will have a direct impact on your portfolio and will decrease the value of the same. Even if you’re choosing to make systematic withdrawals, make sure that the principal amount is intact and that only the return portion is to be taken out.
  • Review the performance- Make sure you keep track of how your funds are performing. Make sure you have used tools such as the SIP return calculator to get an idea of what you will be making. Make sure that your fund is performing up to that mark. If there is any negative performance, you will be exposed to more risk, which is not good for your investment. If it is so, withdraw your amount and invest in any other scheme that is performing well.


The end goal of every investor is to earn the returns. This can only be done if you choose to put your money in the best investment plan. So, learn about different schemes and figure out what works for you. You can take the help of professionals or experts as well.

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Marwan Kheireddine, and the Value of Bringing Credit Cards to Lebanon 

Marwan Kheireddine knows the importance of the banking sector. Having worked within it for decades, he has wanted to expand offerings for people in Beirut and other parts of Lebanon for many years. He is the chairman and CEO of AM Bank, and has diligently worked to bring credit cards to Lebanon. After coming to New York for an education, and gaining experience with how the US banking system works, he realized there was a completely untapped market in that no Lebanese banks offered credit cards at all.

At that time, in the early 1990s, his father was the AM Bank chairman. Kheireddine began working there, and started his push for credit cards. He reached out to Visa and Mastercard, but AM Bank was small, and the letters he sent were never answered. Fortunately, he had another option. He contacted Michael Milken, who had taught him corporate finance and who was, at the time, vice chairman of Citibank. Milken got him an introduction to the vice president of Mastercard, and AM Bank got its license to offer credit cards.

His father was still very skeptical, but Marwan Kheireddine was undeterred. He purchased an embossing machine and started offering Mastercard through the bank. Slowly, people started applying. After all, it was the only bank in Lebanon where they could get a credit card at all, and it remained that way for the first five years of offering credit cards. Even now, AM Bank still has a higher market share in credit cards than it does in general banking.

Driven by the Importance of Innovation

The most important area of focus for Marwan Kheireddine is innovation. He saw in his studies how offering credit cards saved Citibank, and saw through his own efforts how it caused growth and stability for AM Bank. He introduced cards with no interest charges, cards with higher interest, and cards that required annual fees. He launches options for new cards in just a couple of days, and continues to push for additional offerings that can provide more to customers and create more value for the bank, as well.

Kheireddine also changed the bank’s hours. Most banks at the time opened at 8:30am, and closed at 12:30pm. He started keeping AM Bank locations open until 5pm, and it wasn’t long before other banks in the country started to do the same thing. He was the first to offer digital banking, as well, and has stayed on top of technology and innovation since his very first day working at AM Bank. He has also worked for the Lebanese government, as minister of state, and helped shape the country.

The financial background of Marwan Kheireddine has made it easier for him to understand the complexities that went into the changes he wanted to make with AM Bank. He recognizes not only the value that banks bring to customers, but their importance in day-to-day society. Kheireddine also notices the significance of innovation through technology, as customers are looking for more ways to do things that are convenient. By having digital and technological options, banks can make that easier for their customers.

Kheireddine has an MBA from the Columbia Business School at Columbia University in New York, and is a serial entrepreneur who has created a number of small and medium-sized companies. He has been a board member on the Beirut Stock Exchange, and he is also a founding member of the Young Presidents’ Organization Lebanon chapter. As a board member of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, he has worked on transparency, social justice, and governance issues.

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A Small Guide to Investing in Property

Investing in property can be a tricky time, as there’s lots to understand. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled a small guide on how to invest in property.

One of the items to consider when purchasing a property as a charity is not for profit public liability insurance.

Why do People Invest in Property?

The concept of investing in property has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, with people looking at investing in property as a way to fund their lifestyle instead of choosing a typical ‘9-5’ job. Here are some of the main reasons people choose to invest in property:

  • To use as rental income. This is especially useful for those who are self-employed, retired or those who have a predictable income which they aren’t satisfied with. Having a rental income gives them more freedom to be financially independent.
  • If they are trying to build a diverse portfolio for their business, then investing in property is a great way to achieve this.
  • They may invest in property to improve their capital growth, as property prices often rise which can be beneficial for investors.
  • The property market is extremely tangible, so therefore it’s easy to understand how it works and where you can gain or potentially lose leads.

How to Begin:

Think About Renting a Room Out:

To get a small taste for property investment, a great place to start is by renting out a room in your home. By making part of your home to work like an Airbnb, you can see the various things that go into being a property investor and manager.

Look at REIGs:

A great place to start is by investing in Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs), which is ideal for those who want to own real estate in the rental market- and without the hassle of running your own real estate company. Collectively, a group of people manage the units of for example, an apartment complex- and in exchange for looking after the management of a building, the company will take a percentage of the monthly rent.

Flipping Investment Properties:

Another great place to begin your property investment journey is to begin by flipping houses. If you can find a cheap property that is in need of some TLC, you could begin doing a renovation on it, and redecorate the entire place and see how it sells on the property market. This would be a great way to see how you get on with a renovation strategy, coming up with an interior design idea and marketing the property.

Rent Out a Rented Property:

Renting out a property by yourself can seem ridiculously hard, therefore, renting out a property and delegating the other remaining bedrooms to others who want to live there is a great way to get your foot in the investor door. Firstly, it means that you are essentially occupying an investment property and will help you build up enough credit to qualify for a loan.

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” or “how can I get someone to buy my house?”, head to the We Buy Any House website for more information relating to all property related enquiries

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