October 2021


6 Reasons to Invest in the US Stock Market

Investments in the Indian stock market have grown amid the pandemic, with active investor accounts growing by a record 10.4 million last year. Many millennials and younger investors took to investing in stocks as the prevalence of stock trading apps, and online portals made it easy. Due to the pandemic-induced financial crisis, many also realized the importance of investing and how it can help them grow their savings and earn a passive income to help them realize their financial goals. However, the Indian stock market does not allow investors to invest in some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Apple and Google. These companies often provide high returns on investments. However, now there are several ways in which Indians can invest in the US stocks market.

Advantages of US Stocks Investments

  • Allows You to Diversify Your Portfolio

Each global economy has its ups and downs. However, they usually don’t register gains or losses at the same time. The US stocks market may experience strong growth when the Indian market is crashing. Thus, investing in more than one economy could help diversify risks and increase the probability of getting good returns on your investments.

  • Allows Global Investment

Companies from across the world are listed on the US stock exchange. So, simply by investing in the US stocks market, you can access companies from China, the UK, and so on.

  • Permits Investments in Different Sectors

The US stocks investments provide you with the opportunity to invest in upcoming companies across various sectors. It is one of the world’s most diversified stock markets, with Technology and Financial stocks making up only 34% of the total market cap. This can help you further diversify your portfolio and reduce investment risks.

  • Invest in the World’s Best-Performing Stocks

US stocks investments will enable you to own stocks of some of the best-performing companies globally, such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, and Netflix. The stocks of these companies have long been the favorite of global investors and usually provide high returns on investments. The stocks of these companies can often be out of the reach of small investors. However, the US stock market permits owning Fractional Shares. This means if the value of one share of a company is too high for you, you can buy a portion of it. This enables small investors to build an impressive portfolio of US stocks over time.

  • US Dollar Investment

The US dollar is one of the world’s strongest currencies. Thus, investing in dollars is a promising way to build future wealth and fulfill financial goals.

  • Buying US IPO stocks

The US stock market is currently experiencing an IPO boom. Over 279 companies have already gone public this year, while 100 more are set to IPO by the year’s end. This surge in IPOs is expected to continue until 2022, as more money is invested in upcoming startups. Investing in an IPO is often profitable as it enables investors to buy a company’s stock at a much lower price. Most companies’ stocks surge after they go public, thus providing almost instant profits to investors. Investing in the IPOs of high-profile companies like Airbnb and DoorDash has been successful for several investors.

How to Invest in the US Stocks Market?

The RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme allows Indian investors to invest up to $25,0000 (around 1.9 crore rupees) annually in the US stocks market or US ETFs without any special permission. There are several different ways that you can begin US stocks investment. You can do so by opening a brokerage account or an overseas trading account with a domestic broker. Many domestic brokerage firms have tie-ups with US brokers and can act as your intermediaries. Similarly, you can open an overseas trading account with a foreign brokerage firm in India. You can also choose to indirectly invest in the US stocks market through exchange-traded funds or mutual funds that invest in the shares of US-listed companies. There are several US stocks apps and online trading portals available in India as well. These US stocks apps are easy to use and also allow you to invest small amounts.

How are US Stocks Investments Taxed

It should be noted that a flat 25% tax is applicable on your US stocks investments, which will be deducted directly by the country. However, due to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) between India and the US, investors can offset the tax already paid in the US.


With a GDP of $20.81 trillion in 2020, the US is currently the World’s second strongest economy, behind only China. The US stocks market is also one of the largest and most liquid stock markets in the world. Investing in US stocks can, thus, prove to be very beneficial and provide higher returns than investments made in Indian equities. Due to several online trading platforms, investing in US companies and stocks, in general, has also become much simpler. The concept of fractional ownership of stocks and the prevalence of US stocks app have also made such investments affordable and accessible to all. Therefore, intelligent investments in the US stock market can help you compound your wealth passively. However, such investments often carry high risks as well, especially for first-time investors.

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Entrepreneur Scott Hirsch CEO Pioneered Popular Digital Marketing Strategies

Delray Beach, Florida. – Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct and internationally recognized expert in data, analytics, and digital marketing, has created a lasting legacy. Scott O Hirsch helped develop several commonly used data technology concepts. These include opt-in email, digital data/media marketing, affiliate marketing, E-appending, and DIY application development.

Hirsch started developing digital direct marketing for Lens Express in 1991. Opt-in email, also known as permission marketing, is one form of digital direct marketing. It involves sending marketing materials to those who have provided their email and indicated a willingness to receive the materials. E-appending helps businesses find emails for their customers by matching names and street addresses with vendor lists.

“Opt-in email marketing is an effective way to nurture a customer relationship and drive sales,” Hirsch stated. Now, 61 percent of consumers prefer that the brand contact them via email, says Scott Hirsch CEO, who founded eDirect in 1998. eDirect, the world’s first opt-In based email data marketing company, later merged with Naviant and then sold the combined company to Equifax.

Scott O Hirsch also pioneered the use of digital data and founded RelationServe, an interactive marketing company, and created its proprietary database. He later sold his interest. He has since established DigDev, a data marketing company.

The affiliate marketing industry, of which he is one of the founders, has grown 52 percent in the last five years. About 12,000 affiliate marketing programs currently exist in the United States. “Affiliate marketing will continue to become a major way companies acquire new customers,” says Scott Hirsch.

Finally, Scott Hirsch CEO, also sees the creation of apps as a forward-looking marketing strategy. “More than half of those who access the Internet on their phones browse with apps,” says Scott Hirsch CEO. “Apps can give you access to potential customers you wouldn’t otherwise have while also improving customer engagement,” he continues. “An app also can create another opportunity to build a brand.”

Scott Hirsch CEO is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has written articles on digital marketing for Forbes, the Huffington Post, Time, Inc, Fox Business, and Entrepreneur.

Scott O Hirsch hasn’t just created a lasting legacy in the marketing industry. He also has made a lasting legacy in the boxing world. He managed Shannon Briggs, former WBO heavyweight champion. The Boxing Writers Association of America nominated Scott Hirsch CEO for “Manager of the Year” during 2006 when Briggs won the WBO title.

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Hauser Insurance Gives Back to Community with Support of Talbert House

Hauser Insurance Group recently continued its philanthropic commitment to the Cincinnati community with its participation in the Fatherhood @ FC Cincinnati event.

The event served as a fundraiser for the Talbert House, a local charitable organization, and its Fatherhood Project, which helps men become more responsible, nurturing, and committed fathers.

Hauser Insurance was a Mentor Sponsor for the event, continuing a role it had played for the past several years. It’s all part of the company’s goal to support organizations that provide services designed to improve the quality of life for Cincinnati residents.

The August 2021 event was coordinated by the Hatton Foundation and served as the Talbert House’s annual fundraiser.

Attendees were able to enjoy an insiders’ look at the new TQL Stadium, which serves as the home for the MLS FC Cincinnati franchise. Guests were able to enjoy a three-hour event that featured a peek inside the normally off-limits team locker rooms and clubrooms.

Families could also enjoy refreshments, balloon artists, magicians, and games. Soccer-themed fun included dribbling course and penalty kicks.

There were also door prizes and fundraising raffles.

Helping to Build Stronger Families

Initially opened as a halfway house in 1965, Talbert House is named in honor of the late Ernest Talbert, a University of Cincinnati sociology professor.

While initially focusing on homeless men, today Talbert House services adults, children, and families. In 2020, the organization helped support 21,000 people in person and another 96,000 people via its prevention services and hotline.

A Commitment to Community

Hauser Insurance Group has long been committed to corporate philanthropy. Its charitable contributions also allow employees to volunteer in their communities.

Given that many local nonprofit organizations run on razor-thin budgets, Hauser Insurance believes in giving back in order to provide those agencies with operating capital to develop and expand offerings that support those in need.

As a nationally known insurance agency, Hauser has been providing customized insurance solutions and risk management services since its founding in 1971. Today, its customer base includes public companies, small businesses, family-owned firms, multinational corporations, and special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

Hauser Insurance has specialized expertise in helping private equity firms with advisory services, due diligence, risk management, and insurance products, both for the firms themselves and business acquisition targets.

Its risk advisory experts have years of experience and its brokerage area includes professionals with expertise in private equity transactions.

Its 2021 client base includes 70 private equity companies in 44 states. In 2020, the company assisted in nearly 200 private equity transactions.

Its due diligence services complement its ongoing risk management and insurance solutions. Hauser Insurance is able to provide transactional support, employee benefits services, and insurance brokerage all in one shop, led by a partner who understands the complexities of private equity.

Hauser Insurance provides risk management, due diligence, and insurance services to clients nationwide with full-service operations in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York City with additional offices in Kansas City, Los Angeles, and St. Louis.

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What Do You Need to Fulfil Credit Card Eligibility Requirements

Do you ever feel that you badly need a credit card? But have somehow always failed to meet the required criteria. In that case, having good knowledge about the eligibility criteria can make things much more straightforward, improving your chances.

Here’s a list of things you need to be aware of to fulfil credit card eligibility requirements:

You Must Be Over 18 Years

Although it might be a very obvious thing, one must not forget that to qualify for a credit card the person must be an adult (18 years or above).  All citizens, residents and non-residents can apply.

Employment and a Stable Income Source

Having a job and regular income is one of the most important eligibility factors for a credit card. You can be a salaried or self-employed individual. Credit cards with higher limits need holders to have higher annual income. For instance, for a credit limit of ₹5 lacs and more, you might be required to have an annual income of ₹36 lacs. Having a steady source of income assures the bank of your creditworthiness.

A Good Credit Score

A higher credit rating goes a long way to help you qualify for a higher limit credit card. Bill repayment history is the main determinant when it comes to calculating your credit score. Therefore, you must pay all your bills on time and avoid lapses. Multiple hard inquiries can also impact the credit score. This is why; you need to avoid applying for many credit cards, even if you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Existing Debt

Existing debt is also a very big factor in deciding whether you are eligible or not. Having existing debt on your account affects your credit score. Therefore, you must always keep your debt under control.

Also, it would be helpful to learn what is a consumer proposal, and use it if this situation si at stake. In short, it is a legal process that allows you to negotiate with your creditors to create a repayment plan that suits your budget. As a result, you may be able to settle your debts for less than what you owe and avoid bankruptcy.

Important Documents

Different banks might need a different set of documents. However, most commonly you will need to provide your Aadhar card, any other proof of identity or address,  PAN card, completed application form, latest income proof, bank statements, and proof of business (if self-employed).

As you would have observed, there are several eligibility criteria that you need to meet to obtain a credit card. Apart from these factors, there can be many other things banks consider such as your location, no records of default, or your age.

You must try to acquire a good understanding of how to make the best use of your credit card. Also, before you get yourself a card, you must not forget to compare different cards, check the perks, and keep an eye out as to what payment offers a particular credit card is providing. Such factors go on to have a major influence on finances in the longer run.

Credit card application is easy online, where you can also find eligibility factors. You have to simply upload the required documents, and provide your contact details to start the process.

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What is MT4 Trading and its Benefits? | Century Financial

The MT4 platform allows you to trade seamlessly from a tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphone. It is a multifunctional trading platform designed for Forex traders. Click here to know more!

What is MT4 Trading and its Benefits?

Is there a trading platform that provides numerous benefits along with an easy and flexible interface? MT4 is the most used interface around the world, including the UAE. Here are the benefits that can bring things into perspective.

MT4 or metatrader4 is a virtual trading platform that is used globally for trading in,

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • CFDs (Contract for Differences. Similar to option derivatives)

The global reach and easy access tools make it an investors’ favourite trading platform online. Hence, all the brokers favour the MT4 interface to trade in the above securities.

Benefits of Trading on MT4

1)     Real-Time Market Access

One of the major advantages of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is that the price always matches with stock exchanges. In the detailed view, you can see all the relevant market indicators in real-time including,

  • Market Depth
  • Bid-Ask Spread
  • Contract Size

2)     Easy User Interface

MT4 trading provides a highly user-friendly interface. All the features are easily accessible with a single click. You can choose to apply automatic triggers like Stop Loss and Book Profit. Trading reports are available on the go that allows you to track your trading history efficiently. 

3)     Market Study Tools

Market securities can be studied through technical and fundamental analysis.

  1. Technical Analysis: The analysis of trend charts and identifying patterns indicating market changes is called technical analysis.
  2. Fundamental Analysis: The study of the intrinsic value of securities by understanding the commercial indicators is called fundamental analysis.

You can find these analysis tools in the real-time on the MT4 trading platform. The charts are elaborate and use 24 graphical objects, 30 technical indicators and 9 time-frames.

By studying these, you can build effective short-term and long-term trading strategies. Multiple charts can be opened at once using this interface. This is another major attraction for traders.

4)     Demo Practice with USD 100,000

When you make your own MT4 trading account, you get a default demo trading account. An amount of USD 100,000 (may vary as per the investment ratio) is provided in this demo account. You can use this amount to learn the trade in the real-time market view. It allows you to study the market while trading and building a winning investment strategy.

5)     Copy the Experts

Many experts build their own trading strategies on the MT4 platform. They are allowed to advertise their strategies and performance. You can choose your favourite expert out of them based on your goals and objectives.

Your account is then connected to your strategist. The investments of your strategist are replicated on your account. This can help you get potentially good returns without lifting a finger. Your strategist receives a commission for this service.

At the same time, you do not lose control of your account. You can monitor the performance of your strategist and terminate the connection if it doesn’t suit you.

If you are new to the markets, then you should learn about it before investing through the trading platform. Be aware of the associated risks and rewards before you make the trade.

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Fulfill Your Dreams In Less Time With Less Worry

Whenever a person is facing a financial crisis with negative savings, how can they save themselves?

The answer is taking a loan from the bank. Loans are a great thing that can help you in troublesome situations. You can get a loan through a bank or financial institution in return for security or otherwise. It is a great and wise way of getting what you want.

However, there is also a consideration to be paid from your side. A bank gives a loan in return for an interest rate. But on the bright side, there are several forms of loans based on the credit history or collateral.

There is also a feature called ‘No Credit Loan.’ This feature helps those who have a bad credit history and are facing problems while availing of loans. It is different from secured as well as unsecured loans. However, It is beneficial for individuals who are not sure about the history of the credit.

How Does This Work?

In case of no credit loans, the lender does not Pay attention to the credit score of the individual. It is one of the quickest loan approval systems. Apply online for no credit check loans, and the work is complete. Just proof of income is enough to get the loan.

However, good things always come with a price tag. The interest rate in no credit loans is higher than the other loans. The lender requires no formalities for a loan but usually demands a higher return.

Benefits Of Getting No Credit Loan

·  Good Credit History Is Not Necessary

As already stated, the lender is least concerned with the credit score of an individual. Even the persons with low credit information Bureau Ltd score can get a loan. It’s one of the easiest and quickest forms of granting a loan.

·   Higher Amount Of Loan

Individuals in need of a higher amount of loan with quick approval can prefer this loan. The lenders are willing to provide any amount of loan. The tenure periods for returning the loan can also vary. Therefore, your monetary needs are contented promptly.

Less Documentation And No Collateral

What is the best thing than no documentation and collateral, right? We all know the number of formalities to get a loan. However, in this type of loan, only proof of income is mainly required. Moreover, no collateral, paperwork, security, asset, and so on is needed.

·  Fixed Interest Rates

In the case of normal or other loans, the interest rates differ from each other. In those loans, the amount is also very less. But in No Credit loan, the whole situation is different. Though the interest rates are high but are fixed for everyone. In return, a higher amount of loan can be granted without formalities.

Who Can Apply For This Loan?

There are no eligibility criteria for being a borrower for this loan. Any person despite being salaried or non-salaried can get this loan. All you need is to apply for it and show the minimum documents.

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